Libra Horoscope for November 2023

Free astrology predictions for Libra zodiac sign in the month of November 2023: love, career, health, horovisor’s advice.

Libra Love Horoscope for November 2023

Located in Libra in the first three weeks of November 2023, Venus will flow all its grace and power of seduction on you.

The charm, sensuality and tendency to express your feelings will draw sentimental opportunities. The favorable circumstances will also be supported by your cheerful and optimistic mood, the tendency to socialize more often, to go out, and meet a lot of people.

By November 17th 2023 the need for interaction and communication will be highlighted by Mars as well, the ruler of Libra's house of couples.

You'll therefore have a lively, colorful period, favorable to love, marriage, friendship, relationships in general. It'll stretch until November 22nd 2023, with enhanced dynamism until the 17th.

The second period of November 2023 and especially the last decanate will induce stress. On November 17th Mars, the ruler of Libra's house of couples, will enter Capricorn, heading towards the conjunction with Pluto and towards the square with Uranus. On November 22nd, Venus will enter Scorpio where Saturn is waiting for it. The interval 17th - 22nd November 2023 can be looked at as transitory, but the period beyond the 22nd is foreseen as tough, difficult. Beware!

Libra Finance and Career Horoscope for November 2023

Finances will be the main topic of November 2023. In Libra's house of money will take place several important transits, and even the Sun eclipse on the 14th. The ruler of your house of money will have, in its turn, its own worries and unexpected experiences.

Something will definitely happen. Expect restlessness, surprises, exchanges and decisions!

Partnerships could be involved (work and business, mainly, but also sentimental). One partnership could end, while another could start.

Anyway, it's time you defined your financial objectives and the afferent strategy. Things shouldn't rely on intuition and chance anymore, but they should be considered wisely, based on a plan.

Mars, and then the Sun, will encourage your initiative and help you with communication and intellectual preoccupations. In addition to the ruler of your house of work, the Moon eclipse on November 28th 2023 will point to universities, publishing houses, cultural spheres, trips and activities involving distance.

Libra Health Horoscope for November 2023

You'll be in a good shape, especially in the first part of November 2023.

The second part of the month will bring some psychological discomfort on account of increased relational tension, which can entail physical discomfort.

The nervous system will require protection. Make sure you'll have enough sleep, take some Magnesium, drink some linden tea from time to time.

Horovisor’s Advice for Libra in November 2023

Don't spend money unless it's strictly necessary!

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