Abacuc Name Meaning

Sex: Man
Category: Biblical Latin
Number of name: 4
Planet of name: Rahu
Zodiac: Virgo

Numerology Meaning of name Abacuc (#4)

Keywords: 12 levels of the imagination, nurturing, domestics, home decor, community services, habitats, environmental factors, home lifestyle, creature comforts, sustenance, emotions, intuition, instincts, compassion, esthetic interests, mystical art.

#4 Creative Forces correspond with self-examination of one's self by focusing careful thought to evaluate emotions, feelings and powers of the imagination, with intent to nurture and sustain a status of peace and well-being, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and domestically, for benefit of self and others. Creative Forces thoughtform seeds (goals, ideals) are evaluated and selected for planting into the soil (soul) in evolutionary stage one. In stage two, these «seeds» are prepared for planting along with the preparation of the soil (subconscious mind of the soul) for the implanting.

Ruling Planet of name Abacuc (Rahu)

In the world, Rahu is a karake or indicator of worldly desires: greed and high-intelligence. It is a karaka (or indicator) of worldly desire for fame in general; dementia and inertia. It is known that the nature of this Graha is Vata, or Airy.

Zodiac Meaning of name Abacuc (Virgo)

Positive Traits: Hardworking Helpful Patient Reliable Analytical Intelligent Honest Perfectionist Observant

Negative Traits: Stubborn Judgmental Overthinking Critical Fussy Conservative Uptight Ruminative

Name meaning by letters

A – They are the pioneers, leaders, dominant, independent, individualistic
B – They are the mediators, cooperative, considerate, adaptive by personality
C – enjoy living, caring, expressive, helping, artistic, creative
U – enjoy living, caring, expressive, helping, artistic, creative

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