Adeola Name Meaning

Category: Western African, Yoruba
Number of name: 2
Planet of name: Moon
Zodiac: Cancer

Numerology Meaning of name Adeola (#2)

Ruling Planet of name Adeola (Moon)

Moon is karaka or significator planet of Mother, Mind, MANA, MOOLA, emotions, water, beauty, grace, watery products, watery animals, milk, perfumes and she is connected with all activities, which are based on water liquid.

Zodiac Meaning of name Adeola (Cancer)

Positive Traits: Caring Loyal Protective Intuitive Creative Family Oriented Generous

Negative Traits: Moody sensitive Sometimes Vindictive Suspicious Insecure Pessimistic

Name meaning by letters

A – They are the pioneers, leaders, dominant, independent, individualistic
D – down to earth, hard-working, slow and steady, service
E – fun-loving, visionary, freedom-loving, adventurous
O – sympathetic, balanced, nurturing, responsible, protective
L – enjoy living, caring, expressive, helping, artistic, creative

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