Adolfito Name Meaning

Sex: Man
Category: Spanish (Rare)
Number of name: 1
Planet of name: Sun
Zodiac: Leo

Numerology Meaning of name Adolfito (#1)

Keywords: Evaluation, New Beginnings, Attitudes, Logistics, planning, procurement, supply, maintenance, transportation, facilities, motivation, initial actions, self-motivation, carefully directed thought, preparing thoughtform seeds for soul implant.

#1 symbolizes positive, aggressive, masculine, vibratory creative forces associated with new beginnings and aspects of New Beginnings, such as: Mind as first cause prime mover, desires that create energies to cause things to move according to free will choice, to cause changes to occur; attitudes and the nature of attitudes, motive, nature of motive, initial motivation, self-motivation, planning related to first cause, violations, intent, will, evaluations, careful consideration, choosing goals, preparing thoughtform seeds, ideas, concepts, ideals for planting into new soil and soul in «gardens of consciousness», beginning plans and evaluations related to procurement, transportation, facilities, supply aspects of logistics involved in new cycles of human thought and endeavor.

Ruling Planet of name Adolfito (Sun)

The Sun is karaka of Father: health, dominance, power, courage, heat, kings royal favor, high status, summer, medicine, mountain, forest, Govt. officials.

Zodiac Meaning of name Adolfito (Leo)

Positive Traits: Generous Magnanimous by nature Loyal Optimistic Honest Leadership Protective Confident Ambitious

Negative Traits: Dominating Stubborn Arrogant Inflexible Jealous Constant desire for Recognition

Name meaning by letters

A – They are the pioneers, leaders, dominant, independent, individualistic
D – down to earth, hard-working, slow and steady, service
O – sympathetic, balanced, nurturing, responsible, protective
L – enjoy living, caring, expressive, helping, artistic, creative
F – sympathetic, balanced, nurturing, responsible, protective
I – selflessnesses, creative, high spirit, humanitarian, giving
T – They are the mediators, cooperative, considerate, adaptive by personality

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