Afina Name Meaning

Sex: Woman
Category: Greek Mythology (Russified, Ukrainianized)
Number of name: 4
Planet of name: Rahu
Zodiac: Virgo

Numerology Meaning of name Afina (#4)

Practical, down to earth, you have a great need for system and order. Your hardworking discipline makes you a great service to any organization and the community. However, at times, you are stubborn and are slow in accepting the law of limitation of the world. You need to be more flexible and change yourself to live with the limitations.

Traits: Determination, application, serious BUILDER, manager, traditional

Personal Goal: Accomplishment, security

Challenges: Rigidity, too cautious, limited viewpoint

Gifts: Concentration, realistic values, system

Succeeds as: Earth scientist, CEO, business owner, developer, lawyer, administrator, office worker, body worker

Fears: Sudden change, deprivation, loss

Ruling Planet of name Afina (Rahu)

In the world, Rahu is a karake or indicator of worldly desires: greed and high-intelligence. It is a karaka (or indicator) of worldly desire for fame in general; dementia and inertia. It is known that the nature of this Graha is Vata, or Airy.

Zodiac Meaning of name Afina (Virgo)

Positive Traits: Hardworking Helpful Patient Reliable Analytical Intelligent Honest Perfectionist Observant

Negative Traits: Stubborn Judgmental Overthinking Critical Fussy Conservative Uptight Ruminative

Name meaning by letters

A – They are the pioneers, leaders, dominant, independent, individualistic
F – sympathetic, balanced, nurturing, responsible, protective
I – selflessnesses, creative, high spirit, humanitarian, giving
N – fun-loving, visionary, freedom-loving, adventurous

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