Akane Name Meaning

Sex: Woman
Category: Japanese
Number of name: 5
Planet of name: Mercury
Zodiac: Virgo, Gemini

Numerology Meaning of name Akane (#5)

The life path for this number is mainly directed towards the attempt to find resolutions or answers regarding many queries you have in your life. You are usually a flexible and adventurous individual.

Moreover, you are very eager in participating in risky and exciting activities as you have the qualities of a happy-go-lucky person who is less likely concerned about the future. Nonetheless, you have a very progressive mindset which makes you feel thrilled to undergo any change and improvement.

The vital element for this life path is freedom and autonomy. You always want to explore the limitless possibilities of your talents and abilities, which contribute to failure in identifying your ambitions and priorities. On the other hand, the negative 5 may become irresponsible and unreliable, as you hate keeping your focus on everyday tasks hence, hindering your success.

You are very impulsive and as a result, you may find yourself bouncing without direction and with little accomplishments in the future. In handling relationships, restrictions and limitations may cause you to withdraw as you are a person who values freedom so much.

Traits: Promoter, freedom, activity, influence ADVENTURER, sensualist, flair

Challenges: Restlessness, procrastination or activity with no direction, lack of follow through

Personal Goal: To win, to experience life to the maximum

Gifts: Motivated, resourceful, magnetic, competitive

Fears: Growing old, not seeing the world, boredom

Succeeds as: Performer, Public figure, developer, speculator, designer, news work, change agent

Ruling Planet of name Akane (Mercury)

Mercury represents courage, physical strength, younger co-born, risky ventures, police, army, surgical operations, adultery, fame, engineers, lands, fire mines, arm dealer and he is also karaka planet of agriculture and farm houses.

Zodiac Meaning of name Akane (Virgo)

Positive Traits: Hardworking Helpful Patient Reliable Analytical Intelligent Honest Perfectionist Observant

Negative Traits: Stubborn Judgmental Overthinking Critical Fussy Conservative Uptight Ruminative

Zodiac Meaning of name Akane (Gemini)

Positive Traits: Smart Outgoing Friendly Adaptable Good Sense of Humor Enthusiastic Intelligent Curious Creative

Negative Traits: Superficial Indecisive Impulsive Gossipy Unreliable Inconsistency Mood swings

Name meaning by letters

A – They are the pioneers, leaders, dominant, independent, individualistic
K – They are the mediators, cooperative, considerate, adaptive by personality
N – fun-loving, visionary, freedom-loving, adventurous
E – fun-loving, visionary, freedom-loving, adventurous

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