Alik Name Meaning

Sex: Man
Category: Russian
Number of name: 6
Planet of name: Venus
Zodiac: Taurus, Libra

Numerology Meaning of name Alik (#6)

Keywords: Records, Classifications, 12 energy levels of Mind, statistics, discriminating reasoning powers, quick in depth insight, memory, filing, regimentation, categorizing, storage and retrieval systems.

#6 Creative Forces are energy vibrations of the mind that converge careful directed thought with discriminating reasoning powers to evaluate the nature, quantity and quality aspects of «seeds» to be planted, or currently growing, in consciousness for later rewards at harvest time.

Ruling Planet of name Alik (Venus)

According to Indian Vedic astrology Venus is karaka planet of wife, youth, beauty, vehicles, sexual pleasure, wealth, flowers, scents and perfumes.

Zodiac Meaning of name Alik (Taurus)

Positive Traits: Trustworthy Kind Understanding Logical Patient Organized

Negative Traits: Lazy Dependent Jealous Stubborn Materialistic

Zodiac Meaning of name Alik (Libra)

Positive Traits: Diplomatic Extrovert Intelligent Good Listeners Considerate Balanced

Negative Traits: Non-Confrontational Superficial Detached Indecisive Self-Pitying

Name meaning by letters

A – They are the pioneers, leaders, dominant, independent, individualistic
L – enjoy living, caring, expressive, helping, artistic, creative
I – selflessnesses, creative, high spirit, humanitarian, giving
K – They are the mediators, cooperative, considerate, adaptive by personality

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