Tarot Card Meanings List

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards, each with its own imagery, symbolism and story. On this page you can get all meanings cards of Tarot.

Major Arcana Tarot meanings

The Major Arcana is a 22 card set within the tarot that is considered to be the core and the foundation for the deck. All of the deck is filled with archetypal significance, but this is most pronounced within the Major Arcana.

Upright: innocence, new beginnings, free spirit
Reversed: recklessness, taken advantage of, inconsideration
Upright: willpower, desire, creation, manifestation
Reversed: trickery, illusions, out of touch
Upright: intuitive, unconscious, inner voice
Reversed: lack of center, lost inner voice, repressed feelings
Upright: motherhood, fertility, nature
Reversed: dependence, smothering, emptiness, nosiness
Upright: authority, structure, control, fatherhood
Reversed: tyranny, rigidity, coldness
Upright: tradition, conformity, morality, ethics
Reversed: rebellion, subversiveness, new approaches
Upright: partnerships, duality, union
Reversed: loss of balance, one-sidedness, disharmony
Upright: direction, control, willpower
Reversed: lack of control, lack of direction, aggression
Upright: inner strength, bravery, compassion, focus
Reversed: self doubt, weakness, insecurity
Upright: contemplation, search for truth, inner guidance
Reversed: loneliness, isolation, lost your way
Upright: change, cycles, inevitable fate
Reversed: no control, clinging to control, bad luck
Upright: cause and effect, clarity, truth
Reversed: dishonesty, unaccountability, unfairness
Upright: sacrifice, release, martyrdom
Reversed: stalling, needless sacrifice, fear of sacrifice
Upright: end of cycle, beginnings, change, metamorphosis
Reversed: fear of change, holding on, stagnation, decay
Upright: middle path, patience, finding meaning
Reversed: extremes, excess, lack of balance
Upright: addiction, materialism, playfulness
Reversed: freedom, release, restoring control
Upright: sudden upheaval, broken pride, disaster
Reversed: disaster avoided, delayed disaster, fear of suffering
Upright: hope, faith, rejuvenation
Reversed: faithlessness, discouragement, insecurity
Upright: unconscious, illusions, intuition
Reversed: confusion, fear, misinterpretation
Upright: joy, success, celebration, positivity
Reversed: negativity, depression, sadness
Upright: reflection, reckoning, awakening
Reversed: lack of self awareness, doubt, self loathing
Upright: fulfillment, harmony, completion
Reversed: incompletion, no closure

Cups: Minor Arcana Tarot meanings

The Suit of Cups represents the element of Water and it’s astrological signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. The suit of Cups covers your emotions, subconscious, creativity, love and relationship, spirituality, and humanity.

Upright: new feelings, spirituality, intuition
Reversed: emotional loss, blocked creativity, emptiness
Upright: unity, partnership, connection
Reversed: imbalance, broken communication, tension
Upright: friendship, community, happiness
Reversed: overindulgence, gossip, isolation
Upright: apathy, contemplation, disconnectedness
Reversed: sudden awareness, choosing happiness, acceptance
Upright: loss, grief, self-pity
Reversed: acceptance, moving on, finding peace
Upright: familiarity, happy memories, healing
Reversed: moving forward, leaving home, independence
Upright: searching for purpose, choices, daydreaming
Reversed: lack of purpose, diversion, confusion
Upright: walking away, disillusionment, leaving behind
Reversed: avoidance, fear of change, fear of loss
Upright: satisfaction, emotional stability, luxury
Reversed: lack of inner joy, smugness, dissatisfaction
Upright: inner happiness, fulfillment, dreams coming true
Reversed: shattered dreams, broken family, domestic disharmony
Upright: happy surprise, dreamer, sensitivity
Reversed: emotional immaturity, insecurity, disappointment
Upright: following the heart, idealist, romantic
Reversed: moodiness, disappointment
Upright: compassion, calm, comfort
Reversed: martyrdom, insecurity, dependence
Upright: compassion, control, balance
Reversed: coldness, moodiness, bad advice

Wands: Minor Arcana Tarot meanings

Suit of Wands represents the element of Fire and its astrological signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Wands cover your actions, your passions, inspiration, spirituality, enterprises, hobbies, and creative pursuits.

Upright: creation, willpower, inspiration, desire
Reversed: lack of energy, lack of passion, boredom
Upright: planning, making decisions, leaving home
Reversed: fear of change, playing safe, bad planning
Upright: looking ahead, expansion, rapid growth
Reversed: obstacles, delays, frustration
Upright: community, home, celebration
Reversed: lack of support, transience, home conflicts
Upright: competition, rivalry, conflict
Reversed: avoiding conflict, respecting differences
Upright: victory, success, public reward
Reversed: excess pride, lack of recognition, punishment
Upright: perseverance, defensive, maintaining control
Reversed: give up, destroyed confidence, overwhelmed
Upright: rapid action, movement, quick decisions
Reversed: panic, waiting, slowdown
Upright: resilience, grit, last stand
Reversed: exhaustion, fatigue, questioning motivations
Upright: accomplishment, responsibility, burden
Reversed: inability to delegate, overstressed, burnt out
Upright: exploration, excitement, freedom
Reversed: lack of direction, procrastination, creating conflict
Upright: action, adventure, fearlessness
Reversed: anger, impulsiveness, recklessness
Upright: courage, determination, joy
Reversed: selfishness, jealousy, insecurities
Upright: big picture, leader, overcoming challenges
Reversed: impulsive, overbearing, unachievable expectations

Swords: Minor Arcana Tarot meanings

The Suit of Swords represents the element of Air and it’s astrological signs Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. The suit Swords covers your thoughts, belief systems, mental activity, struggles, conflict, logic, communication and your intellect.

Upright: breakthrough, clarity, sharp mind
Reversed: confusion, brutality, chaos
Upright: difficult choices, indecision, stalemate
Reversed: lesser of two evils, no right choice, confusion
Upright: heartbreak, suffering, grief
Reversed: recovery, forgiveness, moving on
Upright: rest, restoration, contemplation
Reversed: restlessness, burnout, stress
Upright: unbridled ambition, win at all costs, sneakiness
Reversed: lingering resentment, desire to reconcile, forgiveness
Upright: transition, leaving behind, moving on
Reversed: emotional baggage, unresolved issues, resisting transition
Upright: deception, trickery, tactics and strategy
Reversed: coming clean, rethinking approach, deception
Upright: imprisonment, entrapment, self-victimization
Reversed: self acceptance, new perspective, freedom
Upright: anxiety, hopelessness, trauma
Reversed: hope, reaching out, despair
Upright: failure, collapse, defeat
Reversed: cant get worse, only upwards, inevitable end
Upright: curiosity, restlessness, mental energy
Reversed: deception, manipulation, all talk
Upright: action, impulsiveness, defending beliefs
Reversed: no direction, disregard for consequences, unpredictability
Upright: complexity, perceptiveness, clear mindedness
Reversed: cold hearted, cruel, bitterness
Upright: head over heart, discipline, truth
Reversed: manipulative, cruel, weakness

Pentacles: Minor Arcana Tarot meanings

The Suit of Pentacles represents the element of Earth and it’s astrological signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The suit of Pentacles covers money matters, home, career, business, property, trade, family, places, the body, and possessions.

Upright: opportunity, prosperity, new venture
Reversed: lost opportunity, missed chance, bad investment
Upright: balancing decisions, priorities, adapting to change
Reversed: loss of balance, disorganized, overwhelmed
Upright: teamwork, collaboration, building
Reversed: lack of teamwork, disorganized, group conflict
Upright: conservation, frugality, security
Reversed: greediness, stinginess, possessiveness
Upright: need, poverty, insecurity
Reversed: recovery, charity, improvement
Upright: charity, generosity, sharing
Reversed: strings attached, stinginess, power and domination
Upright: hard work, perseverance, diligence
Reversed: work without results, distractions, lack of rewards
Upright: apprenticeship, passion, high standards
Reversed: lack of passion, uninspired, no motivation
Upright: fruits of labor, rewards, luxury
Reversed: reckless spending, living beyond means, false success
Upright: legacy, culmination, inheritance
Reversed: fleeting success, lack of stability, lack of resources
Upright: ambition, desire, diligence
Reversed: lack of commitment, greediness, laziness
Upright: efficiency, hard work, responsibility
Reversed: laziness, obsessiveness, work without reward
Upright: practicality, creature comforts, financial security
Reversed: self-centeredness, jealousy, smothering
Upright: abundance, prosperity, security
Reversed: greed, indulgence, sensuality

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