Page of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Page of Cups Tarot Card Meanings
Name: Page of Cups
Category: Minor Arcana: Cups
Element: Water
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Planet: Moon
Yes or No: Yes

Page of Cups General Meaning Upright

  • A gentle spirit
  • Sentimental and romantic
  • A romantic message
  • An audition. Showing your talents
  • Being creative and learning a creative skill
  • Seeing something with new eyes
  • Loving and sweet, but also shy

Page of Cups General Meaning Reversed

  • Childhood issues
  • sexual abuse
  • bad news
  • broken dreams
  • cancelled social events/engagements/ proposals
  • bad news
  • obsession
  • envy
  • jealousy
  • vindictiveness
  • emotional vulnerability/ immaturity/wounds
  • becoming sexually active
  • promiscuity
  • seduction
  • ignoring inner voice or inner child
  • being obsessed with image
  • attention seeking
  • childishness

Page of Cups Love Meaning Upright

  • sensitivity
  • Selfless love
  • naivete
  • A thrilling admiration for love and romance
  • Admiration for a partner

Page of Cups Love Meaning Reversed

  • Shyness and indecision
  • Emotionally immature partner
  • Insecurity in romantic relationships
  • The need to deal with self-doubt
  • Understanding
  • infantilism
  • Waiting for failure in love

Page of Cups Finance and Career Meaning Upright

  • sensitive person
  • Finding creative outlet at work
  • Career dreams
  • Focus on creativity
  • innate talent
  • High career goals
  • Non-standard creative expression

Page of Cups Finance and Career Meaning Reversed

  • Conflict
  • Emotional vulnerability at work
  • Insecurity at work
  • Aggression
  • misunderstanding
  • Loss of inspiration

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