Aquarius and Aquarius Love Compatibility

An Aquarius next to another Aquarius! A relationship as sparkling as champagne and as necessary as a creed!

When you see them, don't be surprised if they're planning the rehabilitation of the human being at a planetary level and talking about what they could invent to gain more time.

Because Uranus' adventure is, in its essence, an adventure beyond Time, precisely for Space not to be threatened anymore by this "erosion" energy. Because if Uranus loses his Space, (s)he loses the reason of being.

And the heart, also - isn't it an infinite space? Love - isn't it a space without which nobody and no one can breathe? Then? Isn't Time the one that has to be "resolved" into this necessary "limitation"?

This is why two Aquarius get along so well, because they protect each other against any let-down, stopping or deterioration. They are the only ones who know how to gain time - by inventing, innovating, revolting or gathering all his/her friends by his/her side, in great social deeds or promising humanitarian projects, apparently impossible.

This delicious and dynamic relationship will go beyond the understanding of those watching them.

Most of the times, the intellectual stimulation will be more inciting than sex.

Most often, the two Aquarius think alike and most of the times they come to a mutual understanding, maybe even telepathically. In time, this will also generate an affective synchronization which, under special conditions of elevation and spiritual fulfillment, will last more than a lifetime, to the benefit of all Creation plans.

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