Aquarius and Cancer Love Compatibility

Aquarius and Cancer? Air and Water. Do you think something like that is possible?

We can assume that Aquarius is too mental and Cancer is too sensitive; we could believe that Aquarius is a born adventurer and Cancer is a true, old-fashioned family man/woman, thus drawing a line between unpredictable freedom and open, often blind conservatism. It's a relationship that, in a way, can be the expression of the famous generation gap.

It's not always like that. Incompatible signs such as Aquarius and Cancer look for each other when time has come to take the final step towards their spiritual evolution.

Cancer needs to learn to be free and not to depend on anyone, and Aquarius needs to learn to accept love, to let him/herself be overwhelmed, invaded by Cancer's feelings.

Aquarius can take a Cancer out of his/her shell for ever, the same way Cancer can teach Aquarius to know the world through the five senses.

Such a relationship is therefore possible because Cancer's prolific creativity can find its expression and manifestation in the Aquarius' mental imagination and originality.

A relationship in which Cancer will head towards the fundamental archetypes of humanity, and Aquarius will spontaneously give them the shape of new mental productions for the next generations.

An Aquarius-Cancer couple can often change the world.

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