Aries and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Aries and Capricorn. Fire and Earth. It will take many compromises and much patience for you to stay together. Your opinions and lifestyles have absolutely nothing in common.

You, dear Aries, cannot resist in a structured environment for long, be it a relationship or a job. As a genuine Fire sign, you need to explore territories and you always venture where the ordinary man does not even dare to look, because the essence of your sign is the primal force of life.

On the other hand, Capricorn is a practical, cautious sign that likes safety and well-organized structures. Capricorn sets high value on reputation and social status, (s)he often takes big responsibilities and usually manages to make a name for him/herself. While you live in the sparkling world of ideas, the Capricorn next to you is prudent, very careful about each step (s)he takes, and probably has a good job and his/her feet set firmly on the ground.

Aries, an eternal optimistic, always looks for the light at the end of the tunnel while Capricorn reasons upon the possible dangers, makes lists with them and thinks that the tunnel leads to a dead end. Still, to the extent to which both of you can make compromises and offer your best - Aries' spirit of adventure and Capricorn's organizational talent - you can accomplish many things together.

What happens when Fire ends up in the same bed with Earth? It burns it, of course, quickly and passionately, as Fire knows best. After all, Earth can be moulded by Fire, but remember it takes patience (maybe if I spell P A T I E N C E you will read it again because it is very important!) and much time.

Give the Capricorn some time, because not only is Capricorn a slower zodiac sign (Earth is harder to move, is rather immobile by its nature), but (s)he is also very attached to his/her work and will often need some time to detach from them and get on the same wavelength with you.

Once you have succeeded in detaching your beloved Capricorn, you will discover that your efforts really pay off: like any other Earth sign, Capricorn is sensual and gentle. Capricorn people are more reserved so be patient - the magic word again! - because (s)he has difficulties in opening up to the others.

Now that we know the sacrifices you have to make to keep a Capricorn next to you, let's move on to your burning problem, dear Aries: leadership. If the relation were lead by Capricorn, life would be peaceful and calm. If you were the leader, life would mean adventure and action, but it would be a little disorganized (at this point you could take advantage of the Capricorn's tidy spirit!).

If you played by Capricorn's rules, you would eventually get bored with so much immobility. If you set the rules, you would exhaust and especially terrorize your Capricorn who gets scared at the sight of all that energy!

Staying together? With compromises, understanding and yes, patience. Much patience. The middle way could also be very exciting. Equilibrium is not to be found in stillness only: with goodwill, you will discover that action can be balanced, too.

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