Aries and Gemini Love Compatibility

Aries and Gemini. Fire and Air. Did it take you long to find a Gemini? Well, you shouldn't let your Gemini go, (s)he is your destiny.

Gemini people have enough charm to share it with other people and they are so captivating that you could be hypnotized. You both like thrilling life and you both get bored easily. You both have a dexterity one could envy and you are both agile. For both Aries and Gemini communication is so important that you will always have a lot of friends and activities, a tireless and forever exciting life. You do everything together, from having ardent philosophical debates to drawing up detailed layouts, and you couldn't complete each other better. You might be in lack of money, rest or whatever, but you will never be short of ideas.

Gemini will make you known like no other, because nobody is better than Gemini is at spreading the word. Fortunately for you, Gemini people are flexible so (s)he does not need leadership (the thing that gnaws at your heart) and will happily take the road you chose.

Besides that, the native Gemini always has some projects of his/her own so that (s)he is able to express his/her personality in other ways, too. If your Gemini gets upset and you quarrel, there is no reason for you to be scared. Gemini yells a lot but cools down quickly and forgets in a second: (s)he doesn't bear anybody a grudge. Fresh Air, that is what the native Gemini will be for you.

Sexually, Aries generates more warmth and passion, but Gemini adjusts quickly and easily. One thing though: take it slower. You are both eager to reach the destination, but in your case the journey is as pleasant as the destination itself.

Both Aries and Gemini live in the present, so future plans will be put off. Neither of you is good at details, therefore you could hire someone to keep your account books and order your life a little.

You are both so lively that you could give life to the whole universe so, if you found a native Gemini, it is fully worth staying close to him/her.

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