Aries and Leo Love Compatibility

Aries and Leo. Twin Fires... A sensational meeting between soulmates, full of power, energy and force. If you found a Leo, remember that his/her personality seems to have been created to match yours. You will never miss bold ideas, conversation and adventures.

The Lion has a great heart that will fascinate you, and an inclination towards theatricalism that will always make you laugh (what Aries wouldn't yield to this strong argument?) You are both Fire signs, so you will always discover new things together, you will create or initiate projects. You want the same things, so you will get them much easier together. Leo is a very romantic sign - (s)he symbolizes the celestial man's heart - so your Leo will have many, many adorable surprises for you.

Get ready to go to the most famous restaurants because Leo likes going out, showing him/herself, frequenting refined and elegant places. Leo also likes being dressed-up and manages to look good no matter what (s)he is wearing, so you'd better put on your best clothes and give up jeans and T-shirts, dear Aries.

The male Leo is a courteous man and the female Leo, a femme fatale by nature, but (s)he likes being in charge very, very much and it could be a sore point between you two. But she is so charming that I can see you lay down your arms.

Sexually, Leo is a wild feline, very sexy and simply fascinating. And since Aries is not faithfulness itself, one piece of advice: don't go off the right path because you will pay very dearly. Leo does not forget if someone betrayed him/her and (s)he takes his/her revenge.

Is either of you practical? No way, but you are both so productive that you will probably have enough money so as not to worry about domestic necessities. This is a partnership between two powerful and determined leaders that will bring fulfillments and success to both of you. There will always be a dramatic tension between you two.

Leo is a fixed sign, that is a stubborn one (guess who's also famous in the zodiac for the same quality!). Yes, Leo is even more stubborn than you are, dear Aries, so (s)he will often manage to impose his/her point of view. When you have a fight - because you will probably have some of those, too - the famous roar of the Lion will calm you down, so you'd better avoid fights or think of phonic isolation.

Don't forget that Leo's pride does not accept being hurt; you will find it very hard to make him/her forget something that you hurt his/her ego with, and you will have to insist and to use compliments, praise and anything else you can.

You are made for each other and you are meant to get along wonderfully, so you'd better hold tight to your charmed cat!

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