Aries and Taurus Love Compatibility

Aries and Taurus. Fire and Earth. Really difficult...

Have you fallen in love with a Taurus? Do you happen to like stability? Taurus is very different from you: (s)he keeps his/her feet on the ground, (s)he likes safety, risks scare him/her to death, change is an earthquake to him/her. Not to say that Taurus does not have your strong nerves and this could lead to many conflicts!

The main disadvantage for an Aries in getting involved with a Taurus lies in the fact that (s)he is really, really slow in everything (s)he does. Not in the bad meaning of the word, only Taurus is more prudent, more difficult to start, more sensual when making love, or slower in making decisions. I don't have to tell you how much this thing will annoy you, because Aries lives and moves at top speed. I think you are already guessing.

Both Taurus men and women think food is a kind of perfect prelude for the sexual union, so this is an idea if you want to go on. After you turn off the lights, you will discover such a sensual, loving and tender person that you might want to change yourself a little.

It wouldn't hurt if you switched to a lower speed to enjoy everything a Taurus can offer when (s)he makes love. You move at lightning speed but the zodiac's champion at caressing - Taurus is fond of shapes, touching is very important to him/her - might change your views on love.

Of course, the reverse is also possible, meaning that you could help your Taurus become more spontaneous, sometimes (s)he is so damn serious about daily problems!

Taurus is very productive and practical, and this is a good thing in a family where there is an Aries, because the latter is not too practical.

What's the difficult part then? Well, you will soon get tired of Taurus's style who likes staying at home, while you want to go out, to socialize. Taurus is very fond of his/her habits, and comfort is the basic concept in his/her life. Are you, Aries, capable of convincing your Taurus to leave his/her quiet life for one day and join you to a party? If not... you will get bored very soon. And Taurus, in his/her turn, will get tired of your absence all the time.

Aries-Taurus relationship is a soliciting one, indeed: each of you will have to give his/her best and give up many things to stay together.

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