Aries and Virgo Love Compatibility

Aries and Virgo, Fire and Earth. Isn't it true that everybody told you to give up? That you shouldn't be together? As if you didn't know! If your relationship with a Virgo works, that means you have made some efforts to change and more compromises than Aries normally likes making.

Let's take them in turns.

Virgo is meticulous, hardworking (like you), but you have very different ways of expressing yourselves and perceive the world. Virgo gets up in the morning and knows exactly what (s)he will be doing at 9:15 am or 3:30 pm, and if (s)he doesn't finish his/her work, (s)he is just like a toy with a key, (s)he keeps spinning until (s)he gets where (s)he wants to. Virgo doesn't need a boss to push him/her from behind: his/her ambition is enough.

There is no such thing like a Virgo not helping his/her friends or not keeping his/her word. One could say that this is the purpose of Virgo's life. You, dear Aries, have the overall view, more courage and you are better at relations and connections. Virgo takes great pleasure in details and organization. Next to a Virgo, if you succeed in changing that much so that your relationship works, you will become stronger and you will have more chances for your dreams to come true (Fire initiates projects, but Earth maintains them).

Of course, Virgo will always remind you that there is something else to be done, that you have something more to retouch, and Virgo will sometimes make you go crazy with his/her criticism. You will often wonder if this Virgo is talking about the same thing you are talking about when (s)he starts enumerating flaws you don't even notice.

Not to mention that Virgo has a special talent of being always right. Nothing satisfies a Virgo and you will often feel like Sisyphus if you don't change your point of view a little: you have to understand that Virgo does not criticize just for the sake of it, but because (s)he is a perfectionist, destined to improve everything (s)he comes across with. The Virgo next to you wants to be absolutely certain that the Aries she chose will shine up there, in the sky, as (s)he deserves: that's why Virgo criticizes you. Could you have a better reason for listening to his/her reproaches?

Control your personality and try to listen to Virgo's advice - (s)he loves giving advice - and you will soon have the success you have wanted. I think that behind any successful Aries there was at least one careful and meticulous Virgo.

You like dominating in bed while Virgo is more reserved and, thank God, (s)he will allow you to impose your personal style. This description does not refer to one gender or the other. Aries women are absolutely charming from the sexual point of view because they know exactly what they want and take what they think belongs to them!

A Virgo can be a good partner for an Aries: not only does Virgo speak a lot (after all, (s)he is governed by Mercury, the quick silver in alchemy and the God of communication on Mount Olympus) and believes that one should wear his/her heart on his/her sleeve, but Virgo also has a special gift to explain gently and patiently what (s)he wants and what you should do different. Considering that a relationship is 90% communication, stars are on our side.

However, Virgo needs tenderness (which requires patience, an important concept that each Aries should analyze, if not put into practice), because (s)he has the tendency to get too involved in her work and (s)he can hardly detach him/herself. You should take it slowly because your impulsiveness might scary away your Virgin.

One more thing: Aries is not on the list of the most faithful and devoted characters in history. So, if you intend to go off the right path, don't say nobody warned you: Virgo is very moralistic and can't stand betrayal. In brief, don't try to cheat on a Virgo, it won't work: (s)he will figure it out immediately by some insignificant, X Files-like detail.

If you want the Aries-Virgo relation to work, your effort has to be at least as great as your impulsiveness is.

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