Cancer and Gemini Love Compatibility

Cancer and Gemini? You'd better not, stars say...

A domestic Cancer, and a Gemini who can't live without a phone, without paying visits to friends and relatives. It's hard to make a union of this kind work! What you, dear Cancer, are looking for - peace, safety and a comfortable home - is exactly what scares a Gemini, consciously or not: to him/her, change and the place where it happens are the most important things it is worth living for! Not to mention Cancer's traditional moods, which Gemini can't stand...

Moreover, Gemini moves around so much and is so active, that (s)he doesn't have much time to spend at home, and this is exactly the place you enjoy the most.

However, it also depends on what you are looking for. The typical Cancer looks for peace and stability. But if you are a Cancer that is keen on adventure, fun and an exciting life, then you have found your partner! Weird things, new ideas? Gemini has them all! (S)He's the adolescent of the zodiac, isn't (s)he? Nevertheless, a Cancer won't put up with it for long and one day you'll come to the conclusion that all Twins are a button short (that's not quite true, they are just different from the Crabs...).

However, understanding as you are, you might tolerate his/her crazy attitude for a while, especially because your Gemini can be very mature sometimes, due to his/her dual nature (there are two people in this sign and almost always the native has a double personality). Anyway, at one point, you'll come to the conclusion that you want to be closer to Earth than this Air sign.

Gemini lives the present so intensely that (s)he is capable of telling you with the greatest nonchalance that ten seconds equal a lifetime in his/her temporal system. In conclusion, (s)he won't understand your intentions or feelings. Not because Gemini is insensitive, but because his/her way of perceiving feelings differs from yours very much.

They say Gemini is often superficial, which is rather true, because Gemini wants everything, and it's kind of difficult to have it all. However, if you are patient and persistent, you can make a Gemini understand your feelings and convince him/her to go down to your sophisticated emotional depths in which you live your love.

Ok, what's the problem then?, you'll ask. Have you ever seen the air bubbles coming out of the water? Well, that's how fast a Gemini will run away if you get jealous the way you know best and moody as a true Cancer! This exciting Gemini is like an energy sphere so the attraction to such a sociable native is understandable. But Gemini can't stay in one place for long and that's exactly what you expect of your partner.

If you manage to keep your high sensitiveness down (for how long, though?), if you can be as detached as a Gemini, then you have big chances for the relationship to last. But remember that you use your soul and love to understand while Gemini uses his/her reason, logic and intellect (this sunsign is governed by Mercury, the planet of rational thinking). Anyway, you can't get hold of your Gemini, let alone catch him/her for good...

One advantage could be the fact that Gemini is a mutable sign, therefore more flexible than you are and very adaptable. Maybe even TOO adaptable? To Gemini, adaptability is more of a need of perpetual change. And this can be very tiresome to a Cancer.

Sexually, your very different characters might take their toll after the initial attraction has faded away and your relationship has become more stabile. Gemini has a great sexual energy, but (s)he's not really into sentimentality and romanticism. To a Gemini, sex is a wonderful sport that must be regarded without many philosophical, sentimental or gushy implications. Action and nothing more. Gemini is capable of love, but at a much more intellectual level, harder to cope with for somebody as emotional as you are. Not to mention that (s)he has an obsession to analyze everything in the light of cold reason (even sex and love) so that (s)he puts out the fire of passion for you...

Oh, yes, let me clear everything up for you, dear Cancer: your desire for financial security, your tendency to put aside, your moderation... next to a Gemini, you'll always feel it's not enough, no matter how hard you try. (S)He's often a very wasteful native - and I know how much that terrifies you.

What should you do to make this Cancer-Gemini relationship work? Forget "mine", forget possessiveness, put aside moods and stop being so sentimental. But don't forget the only relationship that is worth keeping for the rest of your life is the one in which you can be yourself anytime.

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