Cancer and Leo Love Compatibility

Cancer and Leo? Forget it. That means NO.

Sometimes things work between you two, sometimes they don't. However, one way or another, good moments tend to turn into bad moments eventually.

But there are also good sides and, if you, dear Cancer, are willing to sacrifice much of your personality in order to be with the shining Leo (governed by the Sun), maybe you'll even keep the relationship going for a while. The Moon reflects the light of the Sun, so if you want and know how to reflect Leo's remarkable personality, his/her great heart will forget about your permanent moods.

If you let your Fire Lion dominate the relationship, be in charge, and if you praise him/her properly and often enough, you have big chances, especially if you control your jealousy and emotional outbursts - because Leo doesn't get it when it comes to such strong and loose feelings. The question is: how long will it take until you get tired? Or until you want to become yourself again?

Leo is passionate, fervent and has a very keen artistic (especially theatrical) sense. You, dear Cancer, are a very emotional and creative creature. Leo wants to be adored and (s)he only wishes for one thing in life: to be in the centre of attention, always in the spotlight, always admired and worshiped. Most of the times, (s)he's really worth it, because Leo is a very active sign (meaning that (s)he neither spends too much time at home, where you like being).

All in all, as long as your universe moves around your Leo, everything will be all right. That shouldn't be too difficult for you, because any Crab understands the world almost intuitively: you'll probably do it without him/her asking you to. But afterwards, Leo will demand everything from you: to keep doing that for the rest of your life, minute after minute, always as intensely as in the beginning. And any solar system has other things to do besides moving around the Sun all the time. In other words, maybe there are other things you want to do with your life...

Sexually, Leo's solar energy will dominate you, whether you are the man or the woman in this couple. Leo is sophisticated and very romantic, even if (s)he's much more superficial than you are. Do you know the story of the Sun and the Moon that are not allowed to marry although they will always be in love with each other? Well, maybe it's time you thought about the reason for which Universe doesn't let them meet in the sky, but rarely and briefly. It's a wonderful show, but it can't last, because otherwise it would destroy not only the participants, but the audience as well.

Sooner or later, no matter how "possible" this relationship seems to be, Leo will still find a reason to get upset and (s)he'll still feel betrayed somehow. And that's exactly the moment when you'll fly off the handle and let it all out by telling your Leo how much you did for him/her and how (s)he took it for granted... It's true that Leo is able to balance your moods and has the capacity to make you feel safe, capacity that many Crabs don't have.

For a Cancer-Leo relationship to hold out, it depends on how flexible you both are.

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