Cancer and Taurus Love Compatibility

Cancer and Taurus. A highly promising combination: you both have certain common tendencies and preferences, and you are good for each other.

Taurus is stabile (as an Earth sign), sensual and very faithful: your luck, you jealous Cancer! Taurus has the same need you have for a stabile home, emotional and financial security. Quite often, when you struggle in an ocean of contradictory and confused feelings, a Taurus will calm you down and bring you to a lake with still water.

Both Cancer and Taurus are acquainted to finances: you are very lucky, according to tradition, and Taurus knows what to invest in. In addition, neither of you is very wasteful so there won't be problems of this kind in this relationship.

Your tendency towards a home to take care of and towards finding your happiness or refuge in it goes very well with Taurus' basic desire of having such a home. One warning: don't forget to explain to your Taurus the way you understand feeling and emotions so that you don't get hurt. Taurus could do it without realizing it, because after all, Taurus is a sign that is very straightforward about what (s)he thinks and, although (s)he is tactful, anyone could find it difficult to understand why a moody Cancer got upset!

Sexually, you get along well: Taurus is very sensitive and sensual. Fortunately, most Taurus natives have a seductive voice (Taurus governs, among others, the voice and the throat). Why fortunately? Because we all know how much you like listening to words of love, told beautifully and artfully. A Taurus will spoil your fantasy!

Your common passion for external interests will make you spend much time together. Moreover, Taurus is fascinated by the sensitiveness of Cancer's perception and I can imagine him/her drinking in your words. Taurus is as jealous and possessive as you are, so marriage will be a relief to both of you, not to fear anything from the outside anymore. Indeed, this is one of the happiest combinations: you can start making long-term plans, there is nothing to stand in your way.

Therefore, does a Cancer-Taurus relationship work? Yes, it does. According to the stars, you can already buy the wedding rings.

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