Capricorn and Aries Love Compatibility

What is there ahead of you? A bumpy road. Each of you will appreciate it differently because you have differently oriented senses of space direction. Considering the belief that love overcomes any obstacle, let's take a look at this combination.

Capricorn's traditional spirit suits perfectly with working in an organization. You think that authority relations are fair and you feel very well in an institutionalized environment. Try talking to Aries about bosses, though. I wouldn't advise you to, because (s)he is his/her own boss.

Moreover, the desire for freedom and the spirit of adventure that characterize Aries can annoy you terribly. You aspire to stability but (s)he does not have such dreams. If you live together, agitation will come into your house, too.

Aries is an egocentric that you can hardly tolerate. (S)He always has a project on the table and (s)he tries to innovate everything that, in his/her opinion, needs modification. You need social recognition very much and you will be proud of your lover only if (s)he is appreciated for his/her innovating spirit.

This relation is more suitable as a working partnership, because you both overdo it at work. You both want to win and this could keep you together, even though this is not a relevant aspect for a couple from the astrological point of view.

You and your Aries would get along much better as business partners or work colleagues, because you are very devoted to your preoccupations and stimulated by recognition of your personal value. You are both meant to be successful and this could be a starting point - although, I admit, it's not the most appropriate for a love story.

You are both able to enjoy sex, but for Aries quality equals speed. You are more sensual and you like caressing your partner more. However, you could meet him/her half way especially if you really try!

Your Aries is an enthusiast dreamer, full of ideas and plans. It is not absolutely necessary that his/her projects are realistic for him/her to obstinately follow them. You could settle for the part of the anchor in this relation, offering advice and practical solutions.

If you support each other, you can accomplish many things. Still, it is difficult enough because eventually everything depends on you.

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