Capricorn and Cancer Love Compatibility

Your Cancer lover was born six months away in the zodiac, so you will find him/her either complementary or at the other end of your values. In brief, a Capricorn-Cancer union will bring you either perfection, or complete confusion. The final result depends on you. Let's take a look at the pros and cons.

Capricorn governs the section of the horoscope that is responsible for honours and fame, therefore you are very ambitious and you hope to come to a leading position. You do very well in large corporations, as well as in politics. You know what hierarchical relations are about and you even like them. You are rigorous, that's why the institutions with well defined responsibilities seem very productive to you. You were born under an Earth sign so you are very pragmatic.

Enters Cancer! Let's welcome him/her properly, ladies and gentlemen! First of all, Cancer is a Water sign, very different from you. Cancer governs home and family. Although (s)he works hard, Cancer is not willing to make the same individual effort as you are, dear Capricorn. Still, we are in front of a funny couple, because Cancer will feed you and your children, offering you the lifestyle you aspire to, and you have no idea what you should do in exchange!

The first problems will appear because Cancer cannot understand why you spend so much time away from home. Don't try to explain to him/her how interesting your work is, because Cancer cannot understand such things, on the contrary, (s)he will get upset and become very difficult. On the other hand, you think Cancer has an obsession about home and spends too much time in.

If you are "lucky" and meet a divorced Cancer with children, you will strongly feel this thing because (s)he will talk about them ceaselessly and (s)he will even make plans without including you.

Capricorn respects kinship because (s)he is a traditional, too. You can visit your relatives together. You have a lot of fun during these gatherings, because you both enjoy inquiring the old about their youth sins.

Don't worry, I'm not underestimating you at all! You never forget that you can benefit from these relations, socially speaking, that's why you choose very carefully the relatives that you must visit.

You, dear Capricorn, are much better at finances than your beloved Cancer. But (s)he is economical and spends money with reason, especially when it comes to household expenses. Therefore, you can be complementary in this regard, tending towards a more secure and a richer life.

Cancer's emotions are much stronger and more changeable than yours, reason for which (s)he can think that you are too cold, too detached. (S)He needs proofs of love all the time.

As for sex, both Capricorn and Cancer are sensual. The truth is that anybody could find it hard to satisfy a Crab. (S)He would like fireworks when making love. I pity the Capricorn that forgets to take off the watch when (s)he gets in bed with a Crab!

In the end, I dare to bet on this relation: each of you will offer the other one exactly what (s)he needs!

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