Capricorn and Libra Love Compatibility

Because your Suns are in a fight position, we cannot talk about a classical astrological combination, but you could make it work since there are some things you have in common.

You both have very busy schedules. Although you are very energetic, socially, Libra will be even more involved than you will! Can you believe that? (S)He knows almost all people in the world and thus you will have the chance to meet wonderful people through him/her. Since you are a Capricorn and you want to have many connections, you will be very pleased with this opportunity. Your beloved Libra is the quintessence of diplomacy and charm, qualities that you will cherish especially if (s)he joins you for a business meeting.

Both Capricorn and Libra are cardinal signs, that's why you are both keen on challenge. Venus, the planet that governs Libra, shows us that these natives possess a power that manifests with subtlety. Due to the way (s)he takes advantage of his/her natural charm, Libra is thought of as the power behind the throne.

But when do problems begin? When Libra complains about your spending too much time at the office. How are you supposed to answer this question? Very simple: "All I'm doing is contributing to and even improving your lifestyle!" Libra relates things so fast and correctly, that you could be in for surprises at this kind of answer, too. (S)He is a real master in using charisma in any situation! You could start longing for a partner that does not need company so much, because you will inevitably ask yourself: "Why does (s)he need me so much?" Libra is a sign of partnership, of marriage. If (s)he cannot interact with his/her partner for the most insignificant issues, (s)he doesn't feel whole. (S)He is entitled to marriage and if you have other plans, (s)he will know immediately!

Another problem could be that Libra is not endowed with a very keen practical sense. You are ambitious, highly focused and strong-willed. Your beloved Libra can be more superficial and it's possible that (s)he follows more directions at the same time. (S)He might even not share the need for stability that you strongly feel. You could end up thinking that (s)he simply refuses to use his/her abilities. In time, especially considering that life faces us with more and more responsibilities, you will get angry, because such a partner is an extra load for you.

To a Capricorn's mind, sexual life is very simple: you feel like it, you want it to happen, what's there more to discuss about? Libra is more refined, more intellectual. However, you are able to bring your partner on the same wavelength, so sex will not be a real problem. It is known that a Libra keeps his/her good looks even when (s)he gets old. That's another advantage (s)he has: undying charm!

The chances of such a relationship are 50%. I can't be more optimistic because of the disharmonious aspect between the two stars that govern your signs. A key to success is patience and perseverance to get to know each other very well. In time, if you come to the conclusion that your Libra lover is the chosen one, write it all down! Maybe you get lucky and some planets are well placed in your personal charts so that you can overcome the primary dissonance easily!

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