Capricorn and Scorpio Love Compatibility

We are dealing with a sensational couple! You, dear Capricorn, lay the solid foundation and Scorpio will fill everything with passion and stability. Scorpio's extreme emotions, his/her passions - among which the passion (s)he has for you - fascinates you. Scorpio's water and Capricorn's earth will result in excellent clay!

Scorpio is endowed with great shrewdness and it will bring you wealth, if combined with your financial ability. There is a problem though: your Scorpio likes spending the money that you save by working hard. If you want to stop him/her, you can only marry him/her.

Scorpio is very hardworking and can make great efforts when (s)he puts his/her mind on something. In a Capricorn-Scorpio relationship, you will be more flexible than the usual: you will soon realize that it is impossible to talk to a Scorpio about something else than what (s)he is concerned about.

You, dear Capricorn, are guided by facts and clear analysis in anything you do, but Scorpio is different: his/her intuition is the main psychic function by which (s)he relates to people. You will find it rather hard to trust his/her words that seem groundless to you. But in time you will see Scorpio's flair, especially when it comes to money.

You are very discreet and you won't be afraid that your partner will tell everyone what you did in bed the night before. That doesn't even cross Scorpio's mind. You will have to get used to Scorpio's periods of silence and interiorization. You will know when (s)he is preoccupied with something: (s)he will look at you as if you were a screen on which his/her plans are shown.

When something concerns your Scorpio, you won't manage to make him/her open up, even if the problem has nothing to do with you. (S)He can worry without realizing immediately what his/her problem is, so you don't need to get paranoiac.

Your Scorpio is not hiding anything from you, on the contrary, (s)he him/herself does not know what the problem is. Scorpio needs more time to clear his/her thoughts. What can you do? You can get close to him/her gently, to gain his/her trust. If (s)he opens up, you can be sure (s)he does not lie. But if all you get is a blank look on a very quiet sound background, you'd better not push it!

What happens in bed? You will often be shocked at the burning passion that your Scorpio lives and inspires. His/her fervour takes your breath away, but leaves you longing for it...

As for the fear of not being left... There is no such thing with a Scorpio as your partner. No Scorpio wants to perform in other man's or woman's bed! (S)He tends to establish long-life relations.

One more thing you shouldn't forget: Scorpio is the sign of obsession and you are the goblet in which all his/her passion flows.

In front of a Capricorn-Scorpio couple, I can only bow with admiration. You can get over anything together!

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