Gemini and Cancer Love Compatibility

Gemini and Cancer: spring wind and conservative Water? Enumerate 20 qualities that you appreciate about Cancer, quickly! If you have found them, you are lucky, your Crab has some planets that help him/her be on the same wavelength with you, but that doesn't mean that your relation will be easy, not even for a moment.

The adolescent of the zodiac, that's what they call you, and adolescents live intensely, think that the world belongs to them, but they seldom reach depth of feelings... Well, it is somewhere in that depth that you can find the Cancer, who is a Water sign, highly sensitive and very warm, but not willing to accept as many waves as you create by your mere presence!

Cancer is too often shy and sensitive, (s)he doesn't show his/her feelings that easily (Cancer is very mysterious, governed by the Moon, the "mother" of mysteries!), and love has a different meaning to him/her. The main problem you two have? You are comfortable when you wander outside the house, doing many things at the same time, and Cancer is well-known for his/her attachment to home and everything that is related to it. The Air bubbles don't stay for a long time in the Water, they come out very quickly. You will find Cancer suffocating...

Cancer is just like the Crab symbolizing him/her: you can hardly open his/her shell, but once you've opened it, (s)he is as vulnerable as one can be! Maybe you won't even know why your Cancer always feels hurt and betrayed... Well, let's see: could it be the fact that you spend hours on the phone and Cancer is usually jealous? Could it be the fact that you don't stay at home too much? Could it be the fact that, to you, love is reason, and to him/her, love is emotion? Could it be the fact that Cancer needs praise and (s)he finds your sincerity rather harsh? Or is it the fact a Crab walks in a roundabout way (have you ever seen a Crab walk in the sand? It is not able to walk straight, although it reaches the destination) and you are a fast and straightforward Gemini?

Maybe you really found a Cancer you can love: you will suggest getting married. Let's wait for a while, save some money - this is Cancer's style; (s)he wants to settle down and start a family, but is too cautious to do things at your pace.

Everything that you like scares Cancer so, if you want him/her to be yours, you will have to use the flexibility you are famous for in the zodiac. But don't say nobody warned you: your perpetual need of change will make you want to escape from time to time. And that will hurt Cancer. And Cancer doesn't forget... Cancer's governing planet, the Moon, is also the keeper of the memories.

It's true that you could use some Water and Cancer is profound and very romantic. Sexually, you will learn many things from such a native who gets very involved when making love, although Cancer is usually reserved. To Cancer, making love is as profound as having a revelation and (s)he will also want you to show more feeling, to be more profound and let him/her touch your soul. In this regard, you are stronger but Cancer is more sentimental.

Water signs, such as Cancer, understand the others very well, so if you make time to stay at home more, you will experience the most beautiful moments of domestic intimacy. But don't bring all your friends at home or force your Cancer to pay visits constantly, because (s)he will get tired very soon...

Financially, a Cancer is a blessing for anyone, and (s)he is even a treasure to you because you spend a little too much. Cancer saves money and thinks about the future (an almost unknown concept to Gemini...); moreover, they say Cancer is lucky at money and handles it efficiently so you can rely on him/her in this respect.

You will manage to keep your Cancer only if you are able to feel love, instead of analysing it, give up some of your adventures and be more tactful. Otherwise, your Cancer will go back to his/her shell and while you are out with friends, (s)he will head towards other places, walking in his/her roundabout way.

In conclusion, a Gemini-Cancer relation requires all your commitment.

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