Gemini and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Gemini and Capricorn: Air and Earth. They don't really mix... Capricorn likes working, is ambitious and knows exactly what (s)he wants. So be careful, dear Gemini, Capricorn is not very keen on your ever changing style...

The good news is that a Capricorn is rational enough and has his/her feet on the ground so (s)he will get your attention. Another advantage is that a Capricorn seems to get younger as time passes. But Capricorn has a lot of "cardinal" energy, is governed by Saturn (a planet that teaches us life lessons) and is often pessimistic, expecting that his/her love is not shared: Capricorn was betrayed so many times that (s)he is now more than careful.

Capricorn has a great sense of humour. The problem is that this native is terribly serious at the same time. Especially in love. Cautious and serious. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a Gemini who broke his/her heart! You have this talent of loving Earth passionately just to leave it for higher spheres after a while.

Capricorn is good at making money, but (s)he is also very attached to it! To a Capricorn, money is a way to climb the social ladder because any Goat wants a good car, an important social status and a very important job more than anything. It may sound like snobbism to others, but to Capricorn it is a very important thing.

The relation will have enough sore points next to a Gemini who wants to discover the world and to wake up in a new landscape every day. Capricorn is conservative while Gemini is the liberalism itself (libertinism, some say). Capricorn is self-centred, though not sentimentally, and Gemini is the sun sign of impatience and doesn't have time for silly things like "let's become somebody".

If you do not control yourself, your Capricorn will think you are shallow or careless. If you don't have the patience to listen to him/her, your Capricorn will think you are cold and heartless. Only a persistent love can soften this stubborn Earth. Are you capable of persistence and patience?

Capricorn doesn't really like going out and you, dear Gemini, live in order to pay visits, make phone calls and go out. It is possible that you drift apart from each other at some point. Capricorn likes paying visits also, but only if it is someone who can help him/her climb socially. And when (s)he sees how popular you are, you will see how inflexible a Capricorn can be!

Capricorn lives in the future, making plans, and you live in the present - we should live TOMORROW when it comes, shouldn't we? Well, this will annoy your Capricorn, who will reproach you with talking too much on the phone, having too many unworthy friends that can't help you with anything and being too hasty and impatient.

Capricorn is very attached to family, (s)he wants to settle down, while you want to explore the world. Physical attraction may not be enough to start a long-term relation...

Sexually, Capricorn is sensual and very loving and (s)he feels the experience much strongly than you do. You will seldom see a Capricorn who makes love on the second date or just for the fun of it: the Goat does not make love until (s)he deeply loves somebody. Moreover, Capricorn finds it a little hard to unwind and relax with a Gemini, so you will have to be prepared to use all your patience (little as it is!).

Therefore, does a Gemini-Capricorn relation work? You'd better ask yourself if it's worth it...

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