Gemini and Gemini Love Compatibility

Gemini and Gemini... hold on, let's count once again: how many are you, in fact? Duality and duality... Each of you has two sides, and two multiplied by two...

This is a relation that works wonderfully during the first months, then you will both have to make some pretty serious efforts! However, let's take a look at the first months.

Two Gemini people in the same place... the world will look different every morning. You will probably go to all the pubs and all your friends, you will understand each other intuitively, like two spring winds that meet and wander in the sky. Home? What's that? You will probably spend so little time at home that you will forget where you keep your forks...

Whoever invented the expression "love at first sight" must have thought of two people of the same sun sign! However, it remains to be seen if love at first sight means eternal love.

That's what you should expect of a Gemini. But it's not necessary that you purchase two telephones - seriously, I haven't met one single Gemini that does not spend hours talking to friends, relatives, everybody... on the phone! Gemini flirts a lot and is impulsive and this might destabilize you. This is where the effort should be made: somebody will have to put his/her foot down and create a solid base for a lasting relationship.

Communication? You have it - lots of it! You both are signs for which communication is not just a necessity, but one of the fundamental qualities as well. You will never get bored. Mercury, the planet that symbolizes Hermes, Gods' messenger, gives wonderful abilities to a Gemini in this area. And Mercury-squared... you will always be very active, running from one job to another, then to the restaurant, to friends, to a nightclub... and you won't even feel tired because the Air has to move in order to exist. Up to a certain point though...

You both are flexible, adjustable signs - maybe even too flexible and adjustable. Pay attention to excesses: two Gemini people brought together can overwork themselves, and stress is waiting by the corner!

Financially, you either hire an accountant, or go bankrupt: neither of you is very organized. You are good at making money but you are even better at spending it! I don't want to think about your phone bill!

Your relation will lack romanticism and sentimentalism though, so you'd better take it more slowly. Love is brain-rooted for a Gemini, so the heart always comes second. Think long and hard about what you want from a "twin" soul and if the fatal attraction you are feeling can last.

Gemini people cannot fall in love with somebody unless they fall in love with that person's mind, and another Gemini will give you so many intellectual satisfactions, which are so important to you, that the relation has good chances to last. I can imagine each of you talking on his/her own phone, staying in front of the computer or reading the newspaper, because you enjoy finding out many new things.

Sexually, two Gemini people with charmed fingers can only create a tornado of senses, and - since you both are vacillating, full of ideas and with double personalities - love will be like a waterfall: turbulent and stormy. However, you're not very sentimental so, after a few of such waterfalls, it wouldn't hurt if you thought about the reasons that make you stay together.

In conclusion: a Gemini-Gemini relation starts impetuously and continues impetuously... but needs more in order to last. Stability. Can you obtain and keep it? If you can, your Gemini is indeed your twin. But I'm afraid two Gemini people do not last for long in a relationship: after all, how long can a storm last?

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