Gemini and Pisces Love Compatibility

Gemini and Pisces: Air and mystical Water? Difficult, very difficult, and I'm not even sure it is worth trying for you.

You were probably attracted to Pisces' mysterious appearance, strange attitude, something that you cannot define. Yes, this is Pisces. Symbolized by two fish that swim in opposite directions, Pisces is often driven by contradictory desires (that means (s)he doesn't know what (s)he wants or what (s)he is heading to!)

In every Pisces' soul hide emotions that are too strong for your thrilling life. Besides that, Pisces likes staying at home while you like going out, shopping and visiting friends as much as possible.

Pisces has a completely different pace than yours. Do you know those images with late-bloom flowers? Well, Pisces resembles them: it takes a lot of time until (s)he makes a decision, and (s)he has the pace of a snail. Your Pisces simply cannot swim as fast as you can fly. You will get impatient until (s)he figures it out and you will want some more action, less imagination and fewer plans.

When you are at your friends, relatives or just out, your Pisces will stay at home feeling sorry for him/herself ((s)he is very good at it!). The logic you are in love with, the clarity with which you like viewing everything, your preciseness - not only does Pisces dislike all this, but they also scare him/her: Pisces lives in intuitive, emotional depths and to him/her, logic is just a convention whose patterns (s)he doesn't really know how to fit. Even when Pisces tries to express his/her feelings, (s)he will bore you with things (s)he him/herself does not understand.

Sexually, what is a spiritual experience to you, it's a mystic, almost ritual experience to Pisces. For a while, it will fascinate you, but, once again, Pisces prefers stability (water tends to stillness; even if it is a fast running water, it is just looking for a place to stop), and you prefer changes.

Pisces can love very deeply and if you made the mistake to make a Pisces fall in love with you and you want to get rid of him/her now, don't say I didn't warn you: when Pisces wants something, (s)he can be very persistent, like a Chinese drop.

On the other hand, if you don't spend enough time at home and forget to ask your Pisces what is wrong with him/her, you will come home one day to find out that (s)he has disappeared. And (s)he won't come back.

Although Pisces can be fascinating intellectually speaking, generally, (s)he expects too much of his/her partner. Pisces is very altruistic and (s)he understands many things, but not as we, the ordinary people, understand them: Pisces has to feel everything, it is his/her heart that has to understand, not his/her mind. That will bother you for a while, and then it will stress you very much!

Lack of trust appears very soon, because Pisces has to feel what you have to understand. Pisces is too sensitive and emotional and you can make him/her insecure very easily, but most of the times, it is not worth trying because what Pisces has to offer is not what you want.

Therefore, before asking yourself if a Gemini-Pisces relationship is going to work, ask yourself if it is worth the effort.

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