Gemini and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Gemini and Scorpio: bright Air and deep, mysterious and possessive Water... Hardly could such a relation last if it is based on physical attraction only.

Let's start with the good things: Scorpio is passionate, and this will fascinate you. You were probably attracted to the fire that burns in his/her eyes, and it is understandable. It is said that this sign takes passion to obsession...

Unfortunately, any Scorpio is more than possessive and any Gemini loves his/her personal freedom, that includes a flirt or two every now and then... And Scorpio simply can't stand this: Scorpio wants to know that what belongs to him/her, belongs to him/her only. And if what belongs to him/her (namely you) spends too much time out or with friends, doesn't share his/her depth of feelings and talks instead of using his/her intuition - Scorpio will then be upset for a long time and even the most careless Gemini will eventually know that something is wrong.

Scorpio does not speak as much as you do and winning him/her over will be difficult. Scorpio loves your exact, objective, clear style, your flexibility and capacity to change; the only problem is that Scorpio has NONE of these qualities. (S)He prefers things "as they were", sudden changes confuse him/her.

Scorpio is as moody as you are but often, (s)he is more discreet. Scorpio waits for you to ask him/her what's wrong, but with so many things you have to do, you might not even notice that something bothers him/her.

Moreover, as Gemini is the sign of communication above all, you won't get why your Scorpio doesn't just tell you what troubles him/her... (S)He doesn't tell you because (s)he is very easy to hurt and (s)he thinks long and hard about his/her problem before letting it come out. In addition to that, Scorpio is a mysterious native.

Besides that, Scorpio likes staying at home more than you do. As (s)he is possessive, Scorpio will reproach you with not spending enough time at home, with talking too much on the phone, with not belonging to him/her only.

Scorpio wants stability and Gemini wants change... It's difficult to reach an equilibrium between you two. When Scorpio crosses the line and expresses his/her jealousy (Scorpio is, indeed, a very jealous sign; to a Scorpio, this is, in fact, a proof of love... as to many other people, as well, but not to a Gemini), you will head to other directions very quickly.

Scorpio can spend days without paying visits or reading the newspaper, which is rather difficult for a Gemini.

Sexually? Scorpio is undoubtedly the master of the zodiac in this regard. There are two things Scorpio takes great passion in: sex and sex.

Self-confident, sensual and very sophisticated, Scorpio will impress you in bed! The depth of his/her emotions, the delicate passion - next to a Scorpio, you will experience all these things that you read about in love novels. This is, indeed, the good side of the relation... but is it enough?

So, does a Gemini-Scorpio relationship work? Well, you should try if you think you can handle Scorpio's possessiveness and jealousy, if you understand that not everybody has to talk unceasingly to express his/her feelings... and if you can live in the fascinating emotional depths that Scorpio lives in. You will discover that you can be loved in a way you have never dreamt of.

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