Gemini and Taurus Love Compatibility

Gemini and Taurus, meaning Air and sensual Earth. Have you ever gone far away into a cave or in a room that hasn't been aired for a long time? If you have, you probably know what stale air smells like. Earth represents fixed structures, and Earth sun signs, like Taurus, tend to chain, to anchor... Air, on the other hand, leaves as soon as it encounters a crack!

Generally, the signs that follow each other in the zodiac are very different, each of them has what the other lacks, so "the attraction of the opposites" is written all over you!

You, dear Gemini, are bright and spontaneous, resourceful and active, the quick silver of the zodiac (Mercury is the governor of your sun sign). Adaptability is your main quality, and searching for truth is another quality that Gemini people have (that's why you are such good journalists or reporters). What about details? No, Gemini doesn't deal with them, details are Taurus' concern.

Taurus, unlike you, gets frightened when (s)he hears of things like "change" or "adaptability": you can ask Earth for anything, but not to move, let alone to go with the wind! You like going out, Taurus feels comfortable at home... do you get the picture?

You are flexibility itself, while Taurus is legendary for his/her stubbornness, you manage to do more things at the same time (and it's a wonder that you do all of them well), while Taurus hardly decides to start one and (s)he begins with the details. You like variety, new things, changes, while Taurus prefers habits, staying at home in front of the TV and, besides that, (s)he is extremely slow: (s)he decides slowly, (s)he takes action slowly. Sometimes, you feel like shaking him/her a little. But, be careful: the earth hardly ever moves, but when it does, we all know it results in an earthquake.

To change a Taurus, you need the patience of either an Earth or a Water sign. You will lose your patience soon, and get bored even sooner. Taurus cannot understand how can anyone move so fast, think so quickly, live so intensely or change ideas from one day to another, like any Gemini does. And all this scare him/her a little.

Taurus is anchored in the "here and now" - so anchored that (s)he is not able to keep up with you for long. Taurus is stabile, sometimes TOO stabile for a spring wind such as yourself.

However, if you take him/her slowly, if you are patient and adjust (you already know that one), you'll enjoy something you haven't dreamt of, because your Taurus will bring order to your life (any Gemini needs something like that). Your Taurus will show you true love and will always take care of you (Taurus likes that, (s)he wants to be your support).

Sexually? Well... Don't rush things with your beloved Taurus, in spite of your impetuous passion. Take it slowly, much more slowly, and stars guarantee that you will find the most beautiful love at the end of the road: Taurus is under the sign of Venus, the Goddess of love (or, in plain English, Prince Charming whose love any girl dreams of).

Even in love, Taurus has what you lack and lacks what you have. Namely: Taurus is sensual, (s)he turns love into art and has enough patience (while you don't...) for the preludes to be perfect; on the other hand, you will have to come up with imagination, new ideas and games.

By the way, Taurus demands life-long faithfulness, while Gemini likes flirting very much! Be careful, this stability we keep talking about manifests in everything Taurus does.

What's the conclusion then? Yes or no? The Gemini-Taurus combination is not by far a classical couple, but anything is possible if you both try and really want to make it work. Provided that you, dear Gemini, stay in the same place a little longer!

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