Gemini and Virgo Love Compatibility

Gemini and Virgo: free Air and meditative Earth... How long can it last until one of you says "enough!"?

Ok, you are not a classical astrological couple at all, Air and Earth don't mix... BUT! If you really want a relationship with somebody that different (why not, after all?), don't forget that both Gemini and Virgo are governed by Mercury, that is the representation of Hermes, the one who used to take Gods' messages. Talk to your Virgo, communicate, it is your strong point anyway, and this can make any relationship work.

It's true that Mercury involves in each of your sun signs directly: Gemini's Mercury deals with communication and Virgo's, with thinking. The fact that you both have it as governor of your sun signs will help you a lot, but you will still have to make some efforts.

Virgo understands everything you tell him/her very well, but... a little late. Since you are such a fast thinker, you have the impression that (s)he doesn't understand anything! No matter what it is about, whether a philosophical message or the idea you were just talking about, sometimes your Virgo simply misses something. In fact, this is not it: Virgo just thinks and analyses a little longer. And yes, I know how much this gets on Gemini's nerves...

Another point to your advantage is that Virgo is not too possessive and does not expect too much of you, so your precious freedom will stay (almost) intact. Besides that, Virgo is very organized and keen on details (you lack both of these qualities and some Gemini even think that they are flaws...) and fortunately it will help your relationship.

Generally though, Gemini sees the conservative side of Virgo (which is more obsolete) and gets bored pretty soon, especially when (s)he hears criticism. And Virgo is the master of criticism, let's be honest about it: nobody can criticize and analyse better and more objectively than a Virgo! And the main thing that Virgo will reproach you with is your being disorganized, which (s)he finds terrible!

Virgo is idealist and perfectionist, so your disorganized life will scare him/her a little, but it will fascinate him/her at the same time... But, being rather conservative, it is precisely the essence of your sun sign (that everlasting youth) that Virgo will take as immaturity at some point.

As mutable, flexible sun signs that both Gemini and Virgo are, there are big chances of making it work, because you have the ability to adjust and neither of you has the tendency to dominate. Of course that you are the more flexible one, as you are Air. Earth sun signs, such as Virgo, tend towards stability, but towards stubbornness also. A little stability could help you though, and a Virgo is a very good support to friends.

If you fell in love with a Virgo, don't forget that (s)he is almost always a very loyal, devoted person, but moralistic too, because conventions are important to him/her. That is not the case with Gemini: you know best how not to fit the patterns and strict morality could bother you more often than it should.

Sex... Which sex? With so much talking, I wouldn't be surprised if you forgot about it! But still, if you move on to facts, don't forget that Virgo is very passionate and gives his/her best. That is, if you, dear Gemini, manage to make your Virgo unwind a little (Virgo works too hard, (s)he commits to work so much that she often cannot detach too easily) and if you don't overdo it with fantasy. Otherwise, your Virgo will feel inhibited and discouraged. That requires some effort: you have to be patient. And it wouldn't hurt if you learned something about it: Gemini people are so charmingly exuberant and so impatient!

So, does a Gemini-Virgo relationship work? Each of you will surely fascinate the other at the beginning, but the relationship won't last unless you give up much of your wandering style or somehow convince your Virgo to accept it, together with every Gemini's adolescent charm.

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