Leo and Aries Love Compatibility

Leo and Aries. I and I. Two egos in a relationship... Fire and passion only. Can two strong signs such as these ones get along? Of course they can.

You - one of the best specimens of humanity, made to shine and be the first. The Aries - a brain full of ideas and a heart full of passion. How could you NOT get along? The superstars of the zodiac (as I like to call Aries and Leo) can only have a great relationship, meaning always passionate, exciting, active and thrilling.

It is true that the sooner two fires catch light the more volatile future becomes. Aries has much the same flaws as you have, and when you argue, there is fire literally. Neither of you stops in the middle of things. This means enthusiasm when in action but stubbornness in discussions. As for the old problem of proofs and arguments, you are both good at finding them so it is possible (make that highly, highly probable!) that your fights last, be fierce and end up with karate lessons...

So you'd better not get into arguments with your Aries! If you are still at the beginning and feel tempted to ignore this paragraph, wondering how you could argue with your twin soul, I'll give you a clue: Aries sets his/her eyes on other women/men. Flirting is so fascinating to him/her, that (s)he sometimes does it just for the sake of it... (S)He doesn't take the next step, but (s)he certainly likes watching.

Aries is a very ambitious and very faithful native though. (S)He is willing to do anything in order to win, and this is a characteristic that you will like very much because you know how to rule, but Aries knows how to handle details, you know how to give orders, but Aries knows how to carry them through properly.

Aries doesn't hesitate to cheat in order to win and (s)he is very resourceful in business, love and courtship. When you are convinced that "this is the way it has to be, I deserve that", Aries' ego will give in sooner than yours. Indeed, fortunately for you, your partner is the milder fire of you two and (s)he is more willing to accept a position that "is not of a boss", because (s)he doesn't really know how to be a subordinate.

Aries will tactfully make things better many times, cheer you up (Aries has an extraordinary way of paying compliments, what do you say about that?) and even set your feet on the ground if necessary, for Aries knows it takes more than "deserving" in order to win.

You were probably attracted to Aries' courage and enthusiasm first. The innocent-shy style at the beginning of a relationship. The way Aries understands unspoken words and acknowledges your merits or takes sides to you. Your creativity and resourcefulness will be best appreciated by an Aries, that not only will wonder accordingly (that alone is enough to win a Leo over), but (s)he will take action.

Aries is not keen on details, nor does (s)he think about the future too much, but neither do you, so you really get along in this respect. Who will sweep or go shopping? Maybe you'll hire somebody, because you are both good at making money.

Aries doesn't like staying in. Neither do you, dear Leo. Aries likes stylish things. So do you. Aries is generous, and you have a great heart. It seems to be a perfect relationship. And it can be, if you don't overlook a few pieces of advice.

The first one: don't tell your Aries about your former relationships and about how much one admired you. Aries likes believing that (s)he is the most important, and when (s)he hears that somebody else admired and praised you as much... (s)he won't like it.

The second: when you have a fight, don't yell. (Although you are a Lion and all the jungle of the zodiac terrifies when you open your mouth, if you make an Aries mad, things get ugly!) It shouldn't be very difficult because Aries is more temperate than you are.

And the third: spoil your Aries, caress and comfort him/her. Everybody knows that you are right, there is no need for you to keep telling him/her, as everybody knows that wonderful idea was yours, but give him/her some credit, too, especially since it's so obvious that (s)he struggles to put it into practice.

Sexually, each of you wants to be "the best" for the other. For some reasons, Aries has to win. You have to be the most important (and quite often, you really are, Leo always succeeds in that). So you will probably get to the physical level of the relationship very soon, and you will be amazed at the Aries' warmth and sense for details every time.

Therefore, the Leo-Aries relationship gets an A.

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