Leo and Leo Love Compatibility

Leo and Leo? Definitely yes.

The relations between natives of the same sun sign often have more good parts than bad parts, but the bad ones are almost impossible to get over, because both have the same flaws!

A Leo-Leo relationship can be excellent provided that you don't forget the Leo next to you feels the same need for compliments, admiration and adoration as you do. Therefore, you have to give as much as you expect. It shouldn't be too difficult because just like you, (s)he is passionate and ardent, full of ideas and desirous of living life to the full.

Of all the sun signs of the zodiac, Leo is the most shining. Leo is governed by the Sun, which is in the centre of the system and, most often, deserves his/her name of "king". Everything Leo does is refined, everything Leo buys is stylish, everything Leo thinks is bright. So are you, so is the Leo next to you.

Don't forget that Leo can discern flattery in the others' compliments as well you can: Leo has a sixth sense with which (s)he detects falsity. So, no matter how tempted you are to flatter, be yourself, otherwise you'll walk into your own trap. When you tell him/her (s)he is special, you have to believe it, because, just like you, your Leo doesn't just want to have the throne, but to feel the royal power.

In fact, two Lions can only live the love story of a king and a queen. A great love, but sometimes, a great rivalry, too. Any time you have an argument, neither of you is willing to give in for the other one's sake. Although you both are very romantic, lively and sexually prolific, the basic problem will be: who's the boss? It is quite difficult to a Leo to accept an ego as strong as his/her own by his/her side, but that's exactly what you have to do.

If you know how to offer each other enough power of decision and respect, how to schedule the days when you give in, in turns, it can only be a royal relationship. The same elegant taste, refinement and tendency towards parties and going out bring you together. Neither of you can administer money very well but it's a good thing you both know how to make it.

Neither of you is very calm: you are both quick-tempered. As generous as you are with the others, as much you try their patience, because they have to know how wrong they were. Tact and compromise should be highly appreciated in the relationship between two Leos who want to stay together.

Leo loves being in love, flirting, paying court. You have finally found a partner who feels the same way you do. Even after you have spent years together, a Leo will still pay court to his/her partner. You just have to find the balance between passion and feelings for each of you to be able to come close to the other's idea of a partner.

A Leo-Leo relation will not lack optimism, but don't forget to think about the future, too, about savings and long-term planning. Otherwise, you will not end up well, because you are both extravagant and you like spending.

From the sexual point of you, each of you has to allow the other one to shine, too, and maybe share the spotlight. This is not always possible so, once again, don't forget: be more tolerant!

It is rather difficult to get over the arguments, but when you do get over... Long live the Queen! Long live the King!

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