Leo and Pisces Love Compatibility

Leo and Pisces. Fire and Water. Don't even think about it!

Leo is shining, ardent and dominating. Pisces is mystical and a little too dreamy. The differences between you two are too big. Leo is a Fire sign, Pisces is a Water sign, two elements that cancel each other. Pisces is sentimental (even sugary!), emotional and very romantic. Pisces doesn't show his/her feelings, and from his/her point of view, communication can be done in many ways, but not through words.

Pisces is very dependent and (s)he needs daily care, attention and love and (s)he is often very sensitive: you can hardly say anything because Pisces believes you referred to him/her and gets upset! Considering Leo's straightforward style, it might lead to problems.

Your active character, the way you understand having fun don't match Pisces' personality at all. Pisces prefers life in closed spaces, in the house, while Leo likes walking and going out. Besides that, speaking of going out, not only is Pisces wasteful, but (s)he doesn't even care about money. So you might get many unpleasant surprises from him/her.

Pisces' high sensitiveness is too much to any Leo, and Pisces' extravagancy is at least weird to a conservative thinker such as the King. Very soon, Leo will get sick and tired of Pisces' lamentation, frivolousness and insecurity.

Pisces lives in a different kind of world and Leo doesn't have the necessary patience or motivation to try to discover the world that lies in the depths of mystic waters: what would the Sun look like in a cloud of gas, like Neptune? Or in a deep water?

Neptune is the governor of universal love, of unselfishness, so your Pisces is, indeed, very generous to him/herself. Pisces will surely admire you and make you feel the most important, (s)he will understand and humour you. But, somehow, you feel you can't communicate with him/her. It is as if your Pisces is always living in a different world and the things that are most important to him/her don't interest you at all. Your Pisces won't get into arguments with you, (s)he will even give up gladly because Pisces likes being dominated and feels the need (maybe even unconsciously) to be under someone's control.

Pisces desperately needs the admiration and appreciation of the others, although (s)he never says it or asks for it directly: you have to figure it out! And since you feel the same thing, Pisces will often get upset and isolate him/herself and you won't even know why!

Pisces is often shy and introverted, while Leo is rather arrogant, proud and extrovert. Besides that, Pisces' total lack of pride will exasperate you: it's as if you didn't live in the same world!

Pisces doesn't want any money or social position. "What in the world does (s)he want then?", you'll start wonder. Generally, this is the point when the Leo stops because in his/her opinion, it is not worth trying to understand the Pisces mysteries. And maybe it isn't, because no matter how much Pisces tries to understand you, (s)he won't succeed in becoming aware of the greatness of your sign. Or in telling you often enough that you are as you are: the most important, the best, the brightest and the worthiest.

Therefore, a Leo-Pisces relation is a short-term one and often with many disappointments to both of you. You'd better give up.

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