Leo and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Leo and Sagittarius. Fire and Fire. Yes, this is a relationship in which you will feel fulfilled! Sagittarius can offer you very much.

You both have the tendency to take love as a great adventure, you are both passionate and neither of you doesn't control him/herself for long. Sagittarius will stimulate you intellectually and emotionally. This is what a Leo needs to become faithful. Your open-mindedness regarding everything that means life and adventure goes with Sagittarius' extrovert personality very well, and (s)he will truly appreciate your qualities.

You both love freedom and like socializing, meeting new people, going out. This Air will set you on Fire and satisfy you from all points of view. On the other side, it is hard to make a Sagittarius be committed, but if there is someone in the zodiac who can and has all the chances to do that, it is Leo. Your leading abilities bring out the best of a Sagittarius.

Your self-confidence, the pride with which you live your life will impress Sagittarius, who doesn't have any ambition to be the boss, so (s)he will allow you to be in charge. You will sometimes feel that Sagittarius was born to be yours.

Problems? As Sagittarius is the same element as you are (i.e. Fire), (s)he has almost the same flaws, meaning that it is possible for you to have problems if you do not agree: strong arguments, harsh words and other such things could come out.

Sagittarius is a very straightforward native and sometimes (s)he will hurt you by telling you the truth to your face, which makes you feel insecure. Besides that, neither of you is very domestic or practical, so you might want to hire someone to sweep the floor... And, somehow, you have to figure out a way to MAKE the money you are dreaming of.

Sagittarius is a very flexible sign, maybe too flexible. (S)He hardly ever stays with someone for a long time. But when Sagittarius meets the proud Leo, the fascination will be too big. By the way, Sagittarius is neither as proud as you are, so (s)he won't be upset if you get all the praise, (s)he will give you some more of it.

Being the sign of the philosophers, a conversation with a Sagittarius can only be bright. You will often end up analyzing philosophical problems, and the communication between you two is excellent, because you stimulate each other intellectually. Sagittarius doesn't like staying at home too much, so you will probably go out very often, travel a lot, because Sagittarius is a native permanently in search of new places and experiences.

Sexually, you both shine like two stars. Love will be creative, even playful in the beginning, and always passionate. Sagittarius goes all the way in this respect too. Don't rush though and don't be careless. Sagittarius doesn't want to live in a cage, even if it is a golden one. Give your Sagittarius a little freedom to move and (s)he will always come back to you.

Therefore, in a Leo-Sagittarius relationship you will always feel fulfilled and stimulated. Everything you have best will come out with a Sagittarius and all royal wishes will come true.

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