Leo and Taurus Love Compatibility

Leo and Taurus. In a few words? Conflicts and conflicts again. That means too many personality conflicts.

Taurus has to have it his/her way all the time. Taurus is as stubborn as a bull and moreover, Taurus is a fixed sign, just like you, isn't (s)he? Oh, yes, (s)he can also resist stubbornly, what did you think?

Do you spend too much on luxurious things? Taurus is not the kind that accepts without saying anything. On the other hand, you dislike criticism more than anything. Do you have a great idea and you want to boldly try something? Leave it to Taurus, because (s)he will quench your enthusiasm in a minute with his/her caution.

Not to say that Taurus constantly refuses to acknowledge your true value, to admire you as any mortal should do. (We're talking about the king Leo, aren't we? It's common for you to shine wherever you go!) Taurus also needs too much commitment that you cannot give to such an ungrateful person. Is it enough for you to understand why it isn't working?

But let's put it differently... We take a cast-iron kettle, set a big Fire (Leo) and put some Earth in the kettle (Taurus). What does it result? An even harder piece of Earth than before: you can break stones with it! Taurus cannot be soften by your Fire. But if you know how to adjust the intensity of the Fire and if the Earth is not very hard and has some Water in it (or maybe even Air), it is possible, of course. However, it will take a very long time, because Taurus is very slow and hard to get started. Do you have the patience? Is it worth it? This is the question you have to ask yourself.

Nothing in this world irritates a Leo more than being ignored or not being paid attention to! It will take some well-placed planets in Water signs to make this relationship work. Of course you can do it with a little effort. You just have to want to make it work! But you need much effort for this one.

Stop spending so much because Taurus is thrifty, honestly speaking, and even if (s)he has money, (s)he still doesn't like it when you make a good investment in a more expensive thing than (s)he thinks it deserves (Taurus doesn't always understand the saying "I'm too poor to afford cheap things").

Taurus needs much, much love, affection, strong emotions... You have love and emotions, but constant affection, daily sentimentalism, let's be serious, who has time for something like that?

Sexually... yes, this is what I should have probably started with! Indeed, all the barriers fall and the ego disperses: the physical attraction between Leo and Taurus is very strong and you both like making love as much. Taurus is very sensual and (s)he is a master of making love (well, Taurus is governed by Mars, it's understandable!).

Taurus won't pay attention to everything you tell him/her: (s)he is very sensible and (s)he doesn't trust what people say too much. But if you take him/her slowly, you'll see everything seems to get better. In fact, this is the secret about Taurus: take him/her slowly.

The Leo-Taurus relationship will either fail or make you think really hard. In both cases, you should be more realistic: not all people kneel before you. Maybe you should try an Air sign.

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