Leo and Virgo Love Compatibility

Leo and Virgo. Fire and Earth? Maybe for a short while...

Leo is a strong creature, while Virgo is a perfectionist and a master of criticism (this will lead to most of the problems!). Of course, we could look at it in a different way: Virgo, being such a perfectionist, could think (s)he found perfection itself (that any Leo represents exceptionally). But Virgo has an often exasperating sense of detail and (s)he criticizes even when there is nothing to criticize.

Virgo needs to be protected and asks for much from his/her partner. You demand the same amount of attention so a conflict of interest will appear very soon. Who will give in? As an Earth sign, Virgo gives in very hard. Not as hard as Leo, but you will need time to mould this clay.

You will probably be very attracted to the Virgo's intellectualism, the way his/her mind filters everything as for others the heart or the stomach does it. But Virgo doesn't really understand Leo's dramatic nature and doesn't appreciate it properly either. And to any Leo, not being appreciated as (s)he should be is hell.

Virgo is practical, prudent and conservative. You, dear Leo, are extravagant, sophisticated and spendthrift. You enjoy the highlife and Virgo doesn't like that very much so (s)he will cool down your enthusiasm immediately. Moreover, (s)he won't allow being dominated or (s)he will be inflexible, and your need of authority will remain a beautiful dream in the best scenario.

One of Virgo's roles is to touch too boastful egos with the arrow of criticism (if you look at the symbol of this sun sign, you'll notice an arrow: it's the symbol of the intellectual). And your ego is a little too oversized.

Always precise and careful, Virgo tends towards work rather than play and creativity, like you. Nothing can make a Virgo leave his/her work unfinished, so don't even try! If you want to surprise your Virgo, check if (s)he is free first, otherwise you might waste your generosity.

Under that high IQ of Virgo, though, there is a very passionate human being. If you have the necessary patience, you will discover how much Virgo can love and how benefic this practical and often possessive native can be for you.

All Virgo wants is to be discovered, and you can do that only when (s)he is relaxed and (s)he is not thinking about his/her work. So, have a little patience. After all, who else could reach perfection if not a Leo?

Although on the outside Virgo seems to be very cold and even detached, underneath there is a torrent of feelings that waits to be discovered. Virgo's criticism comes from the fact that (s)he sees everything very clearly, like a sword separating light from dark.

Virgo doesn't allow Leo's pride and authority manifest, because Virgo does not take orders. You'd better try spoiling, comforting him/her and showing some flexibility. But only if you think it's worth it. Otherwise, your Virgo will leave faster than you think! Virgo doesn't need much to part with someone: (s)he simply imagines that the person does not exist anymore or (s)he convinces him/herself that that person doesn't deserve the effort. As I said, the power of his/her mind is amazing.

The good thing is that Virgo will never want to be the real master - so that you don't think everything is black. Virgo just doesn't want to be the subordinate, not obviously, anyway. In fact, it is a very good combination to a Leo because Virgo will show you where you are wrong (you know, Leos are humans too, although their name suggests royalty...) and will offer you a safe home, a solid base and stability. Unfortunately, few Leos are willing to give in, to hold their ego and compromise.

Sexually, the only problem could be that a Virgo needs more time to relax and detach from work problems. Besides that, Virgo's passion is as big as Leo's, if you are patient to experience a longer prelude than you usually do. Your sexual reaction is stronger than Virgo's, anyway, and your often exaggerated exuberance can make a Virgo angry. Then it all begins: Virgo starts to criticize and the Lion, to roar...

If you had patience, were a little more flexible, spent less... if you weren't such a Leo, I mean, Virgo could be an excellent partner for life. But I doubt you can live without constant admiration.

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