Libra and Pisces Love Compatibility

Libra and Pisces, Air and Water? Beautiful, fascinating, unexpected... and often highly improbable.

If you happened to fall in love with a Pisces, you were probably fascinated by some mysterious, charming thing that all Pisces natives seem to hide. But don't say I didn't warn you: down there, in the depth of the water where the Fish live, there is nothing really, except for confusion, contradictory feelings and uncertainty.

With some natives, it can work, but with others, it doesn't. It depends on the other planets in your birthchart, especially for Pisces. The angle between you two on the circle of the zodiac is 150 degrees. Even without an astrological name, it still looks like a strange angle.

And it is strange, indeed. Equilibrium is the most difficult to obtain in a Libra-Pisces relation, if it is a long-term one. In fact, it is better said that balancing a Pisces, making him/her reach that point of stability and harmony, is quite difficult. By the way, if you find a solution, it's even better: we license it, wrap it and get rich immediately, because it is often impossible.

It's not that Pisces people aren't fascinating. They are. Wishful and unselfish people. That means there are a lot of things you can talk about with a Pisces. They are curious, full of imaginative ideas so you won't get bored with them. Besides that, they don't like dominating in a relation, so the leader in you can manifest at will.

The question is: what does not work? Since there are so many things that do work... Well, for starters, it is hard for the Pisces him/herself to know what (s)he feels or thinks. Pisces is difficult to deal with, because (s)he usually approves, but (s)he doesn't do anything. Pisces is quite disorganized.

But the worst of all is that (s)he is highly sensitive, you can say something that upsets him/her without realizing it. Moreover, Pisces doesn't even say when (s)he is hurt or when (s)he wants something, (s)he keeps it to him/herself because, although Pisces does not admit it, (s)he likes playing the victim. Therefore, you can't really know where you stand in a long-term relationship with a Pisces. Astrologers say you two should only have a short affair and nothing more.

Pisces often prefers staying at home to going out. Since going out is your pleasure, it leaves you with two options: either you stay at home and forget about having fun, or you let him/her take his/her long, much-needed moments of isolation to recharge his/her batteries, and go by yourself. Your choice is important but the result can't be good: either you will get really bored or you will hurt your partner.

This relation starts beautifully, even impetuously, but it ends before you know it, as fast as air bubbles come out of the water. If it lasts, one day you will discover that it became tasteless, just like a bottle of mineral water that has been left without a cap for three days.

One single warning for you, dear Libra: think long and hard before starting a long-term relation with a Pisces, because (s)he is good at lamenting and making scenes and you often humour him/her just to avoid them. That means you stay with him/her, although you are not a happy Libra.

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