Libra and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Libra and Sagittarius, Air and Fire. An excellent combination: the Archer is hard to get but once you've made him/her stay, (s)he will become a dream partner for you.

Sagittarius' fantastic and exciting thirst for adventure will definitely make you fall in love with him/her at first sight. Libra's gentleness and refinement, on the other hand, will attract this traveler, maybe even make him/her stop for a while from his/her search for discoveries.

You both like parties and making new friends. You communicate very easily and you have much energy: this is a perfect match. Sagittarius is more enthusiastic and has greater ideas and plans, and you are the romantic and sentimental partner.

Sagittarius is afraid of being "put on chains" or getting too involved in a relationship. Sagittarius needs much freedom, much space, for (s)he has to be sure (s)he is not locked in the cage or forced to live side by side with a certain person. In return, Sagittarius is very faithful once (s)he has begun to trust someone and (s)he will prove to be a reliable friend, who will always be there for you. The first step is harder to take, that's all.

Sagittarius is a very sincere native, up to being "cruel" sometimes. You might encounter some difficulties here, because you are not the kind that tells it to somebody's face. You'd rather spare the interlocutor and soften the bad news. Sagittarius is very, very different from you with regard to this problem, maybe even the opposite. "You asked me to tell you the truth and I did, what's wrong now?" is the typical answer of a Sagittarius who has just given you a heart attack with some bluntly spoken truth.

As the one who's more willing to get married (or to have a more serious, lasting relationship), you will have to convince your Sagittarius to agree on the expression "we are a couple" instead of "well, we get together from time to time". Sagittarius is hard to convince, but it is worth it.

In fact, all Sagittarius is interested in is not to lose his independence, personality, freedom of action and especially freedom of opinion. If Sagittarius is certain (s)he will not lose them, (s)he can be yours for a life time and, as a Fire sign, (s)he has an extraordinary warmth of feelings. In addition to that, as an autumn sun sign, Sagittarius tends to be more stable, more profound than the other two Fire signs, for autumn is the season of harvest, of careful analysis, of depth on all levels.

So, keep going! If you are patient, a Libra-Sagittarius relationship will not disappoint you, dear Libra, under any circumstances.

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