Libra and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Libra and Scorpio. Air and Water: you couldn't have found anything more difficult to mix!

Ok, Scorpio is mysterious, (s)he lives intensely, (s)he seems to know the secret of the universe and (s)he is a little obsessed every now and then. Now, what can a nice Libra like about a Scorpio? Scorpio is a native difficult to understand and (s)he often needs time and isolation to grasp his/her own feelings.

What Scorpio feels is very complex and (s)he may even love you in his/her way. But Scorpio's ways are hard to decipher, for Scorpio is a Water sign so (s)he can go without problems where the rational and balanced Libra, who looks for equilibrium and harmony, is lost or refuses to go. Scorpio handles an ocean of feelings perfectly, even during a storm.

Scorpio is possessive and jealous. Almost nothing that is said about Scorpios is true, but everything is worth listening to. Scorpio is possessive because beneath that tough shell of an "impetuous" native lies a personality that desperately needs understanding, love (lots of it) and acceptance. Your harmonious spirit will hardly cope with a Scorpio's outburst.

Use your famous diplomacy, dear Libra, and don't try to understand everything about a Scorpio: Air does not resist for too long deep into the Water, it needs to go up, among the clouds, from time to time. That is, to your friends or just out, wherever you feel good. Your Scorpio will probably stay at home, because (s)he prefers it, and (s)he is not the kind keen on visiting friends anyway.

You were probably fascinated by Scorpio's intense and dramatic spirit, although (s)he is the one who will make you lose your balance most of the times. Therefore, since Libra needs harmony, equilibrium and safety, it won't do you any good.

Besides that, next to a Scorpio in love, anybody - especially an Air sign - will look rather cold and insensitive. And you will probably be annoyed at all the changes your Scorpio undergoes from one day to another, at all his/her moods and secrets.

Sexually, Scorpio is made to be excellent, but then again, at one point (s)he will start thinking you don't live up to his/her intense feelings. Scorpio can often be quite exhausting from this point of view.

Therefore, a Libra-Scorpio relationship is a difficult one, in which Libra will always feel threatened, provoked and confused. You'd better walk away from it...

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