Libra and Taurus Love Compatibility

Libra and Taurus? A clear-headed Libra should think ten times before going into something like this... It's a difficult relationship.

Of course, Taurus is a wonderful person, no doubt about it. The problem between you two is making decisions, even the most insignificant ones. Taurus' style in this regard? (S)He just waits for somebody to come and solve the problem. Libra's style? Much the same. And when we deal with two signs that don't like talking honestly about many things and prefer to let problems solve by themselves, we can say that conflicts are most likely to appear quite frequently.

At the beginning, the relation is very good. Taurus enjoys everything that is good in life, (s)he is sensual and (s)he knows how to have fun. On the other hand though, Libra, precisely because (s)he is a Libra, can't refrain from a little flirt every now and then, so that (s)he convinces him/herself that (s)he is still wanted. Taurus does not appreciate this, for Taurus is a sort of faithfulness fanatic.

To a great extent, this combination depends on the kind of Taurus you choose. If (s)he is a confident Taurus, (s)he shouldn't be bothered by irrelevant things like this one. But if (s)he isn't...

Don't forget that stability is very important to a Taurus. If (s)he feels safe and (s)he thinks you are faithful, everything could be perfect. Taurus is very possessive and you are a little too rational to understand these complicated things, so let him/her be possessive and after (s)he has convinced him/herself that this Libra belongs to him/her only, you can mind your own business and go out as much as you like. You will probably go without your Taurus because (s)he prefers staying at home, (s)he enjoys it much more than going out.

Of course, if you spend too much, like a true Libra, you will have some problems because Taurus is very careful about money. Taurus does not lose his/her temper, just explain to him/her that everything you bought has a clear purpose and wait until (s)he has calmed down. And next time don't forget to buy something for your Taurus, too (some food, for example) and (s)he won't be upset anymore. Taurus likes shopping too, but (s)he thinks longer and harder before that.

Taurus is a terribly stubborn native. Just like a bull. All the patience and diplomacy of a Libra prove to be insufficient when it comes to convincing a Taurus to do or not to do something. It is often difficult to convince Taurus to do something because (s)he is quite immobile.

The sexual aspect is the best between you two. Taurus is a very sensual person, who enjoys every moment, in a very beautiful voice sometimes (Taurus governs the throat so the throat-related activities such as eating and talking are more special with him/her), with patience and almost magical touching.

Therefore, a Libra-Taurus relation can work if Libra is prepared to be completely faithful (and that means completely). Taurus can offer you the financial security you need and an equilibrium that you have always looked for. But it is difficult for an Air sign to cope with the immobility and the stubbornness of an Earth sign. This will give rise to most of the problems.

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