Pisces and Aries Love Compatibility

Water and Fire, the last sun sign and the one beginning the cycle... It sounds nice. But not for long. Because Water and Fire steam.

The initial attraction between a Pisces and an Aries can be magnetic, but a long relationship will be exhausting for both of you, even if Pisces does his/her best to adapt. How much Water does such a great Fire need to be put out? And once it is put out... Fire leaves, to catch light somewhere else.

Aries likes taking over. No problem here, because Pisces likes being dominated (because (s)he no longer has to make decisions, such a tiresome thing to him/her). But Aries is an action man/woman, and Pisces often settles for watching only. This could lead to some problems...

Literally, Water puts out Fire, or at least that's the tendency. Aries is too impetuous for a Fish, too caught in his/her own ego, and not at all diplomat. An Aries will almost always tell the truth to anyone's face, while Pisces has a completely different attitude regarding this matter.

Aries does not take time to think about the meaning of the world and life: (s)he takes action. And this could be stressful to a sensitive Pisces, who needs emotions and appropriate environment for his/her intuition.

Pisces would like Aries to think nine more times before doing something. Aries would like Pisces to actually start DOING something, instead of thinking and making plans. Pisces will often be terrified at what (s)he considers to be Aries' lack of judgement and strong ego.

Moreover, Aries, the "child of the zodiac", is most often incapable of fitting him/herself into another personality. (S)He is guided by the instinct of "to do", (s)he lives in the present and is excited about it.

Because Aries is generally full of ideas, the first contact with a Pisces could be volcanic and they will both feel they are able to talk about Aries' fervent ideas till the end of the world. But, as soon as they try to live together, their very different natures will take their toll on their relationship: Aries doesn't think too much before saying or doing something and sometimes (s)he can hurt the sensitive Pisces without even realizing it. Neither is (s)he very subtle, so Pisces will often feel misunderstood. Let's not forget that Aries is dominated by Mars, the God of war... and there is no time for subtlety on the battle field.

Pisces' tendency to day-dream and his/her inactivity that sometimes feeds his/her inner ego bothers Aries who can't understand what Pisces is doing in a world that, in his/her opinion, either doesn't exist or is not worth being explored.

Sexually, Aries is imaginative and passionate. But (s)he doesn't really understand Pisces' deep and subtle emotions, because from Aries' point of view, sex is relaxation, not mystical, artistic experience, as it is for Pisces.

In conclusion, can it happen? If Aries tries to pay more attention to the others around him/her, and learns to be more altruistic and generous, if Pisces decides to become more active and holds back his/her vital need of being spoiled... But after a while, each of you will get tired. Much will is required to have a long relationship between Pisces and Aries.

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