Pisces and Leo Love Compatibility

Water and Fire - dynamism, excitement, creativity... but Water will soon give up staying around such a blazing Fire.

Leo is a very creative sign, a man/woman of action. Pisces is creative, too, so the relationship could be very dynamic from this point of view. Leo's generosity (who is, indeed, good as a play) will attract you from the first moment, and (s)he, in his/her turn, will be fascinated by your sensitiveness and visionary spirit.

Don't forget that what Leo loves most is paying court (or flirting), maybe even more than the relationship itself. Leo is a born romantic and (s)he will be very courteous.

Leo is very strong, offering Pisces a support that (s)he needs so much, especially since (s)he doesn't like being in charge. And Leo will appreciate Pisces' "subordination" very much. If you can praise him/her honestly, permanently highlight his/her qualities, you'll achieve very much. Leo likes for his/her many qualities to be recognized, likes being in the centre of attention and enjoys the others' appreciation and approval. In return, your Lion will offer you the courage you need to put your ideas into practice, to take action and make a name for yourself.

You'll have to teach your Leo how to be more subtle, to distinguish between more emotional shades ((s)he is not very subtle, especially sentimentally). Remember that Leo needs attention, adoration - so much that (s)he could take advantage of your unselfish nature. You'll have to sacrifice yourself very much in a relationship with a Leo: if his/her content is enough reward for you, then your relationship has chances to last.

As a Pisces, you're a flexible nature, but Leo is a cardinal sign, and often very stubborn. In such a relationship, a Pisces will always offer more than (s)he will receive. However, as I have already mentioned, Leo is very generous and your efforts will be worthwhile: your Leo will give you lots of presents, will take you out to the most elegant restaurants, because everything has to be perfect for such a winner as the Lion king.

Leo loves spending, and Pisces doesn't care about money very much, so be aware: neither of you thinks about saving!

Sexually, Leo wants to be loved passionately, and Pisces is so good at it! But Leo always wants things done the way (s)he likes it or wants it, and Pisces' point of view won't be taken into consideration. Pisces is, indeed, very adjustable and won't care about it very much at the beginning, but, in time, will feel his/her personality fading away. Pisces has to make a great effort, and Leo won't even listen to his/her opinion on a major decision regarding the couple: Leo does things as (s)he wishes and (s)he finds it normal for him/her to be the boss.

If you succeed in making your Leo be more thoughtful, regard sex more as an emotional fulfillment rather than as a conquest or sport, you'll manage to have a life together. But you will never be equal partners.

Therefore, can it be? If Pisces is capable of admiring and adoring 24 hours a day, praising sincerely and losing part of his/her personality, if Leo tries to listen to Pisces' opinion which is often very reasonable and manages to satisfy his/her often excessive need of love, at least partially, and if they manage not to exhaust one another...

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