Pisces and Libra Love Compatibility

Water and Air? Mineral water! The rip of springs! A couple which stars could disagree with, but anything is possible with a little effort from Pisces.

Born under the sign of Venus, the Libra native is often refined, sophisticated and naturally absent-minded, but with his/her feet on the ground. That's because Libra is both a cardinal and a masculine sign. Just like Air that penetrates everything, the Libra native is very popular and you will often find him/her in elegant or public places, always surrounded by friends.

The sensitive, introvert Pisces might have a little problem with that, because (s)he gets tired very easily when socializing, since (s)he has that rare capacity of sensing and absorbing the energies around him/her. That's why Pisces needs periods of solitude more than any other sun sign, periods in which (s)he recovers his/her strength, meditates or day-dreams.

Libra thinks Pisces spends too much time by him/herself. So, in order to make the relationship work, Pisces has to give in sometimes and try to adjust to Libra's lifestyle.

Libra is keen on cultural activities, high-class restaurants and almost everything that is fashionable. Therefore, little Fish, get ready to go into society. Although you'd rather stay at home, in front of the TV (Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, governs the audio-video), and although your satisfactions are most often of a spiritual and emotional nature, dear Pisces, you'll have to prove your social qualities around a Libra. Whether you want to do it or not - it's up to you.

Another sore point of this relationship could be Libra's tendency to over analyze things, which (s)he is so famous for (and good at, because after all, all that a Libra is looking for is equilibrium, truth, balance of scales). Pisces trusts his/her intuition and emotions much more so, when Libra tries to find reason, explanations and logic, Pisces will often just shrug his/her shoulders: his/her truth comes on different ways... Don't forget that Libra is a very logic person - and I mean pure logic, not the logic of intuition!

Libra likes dominating, taking over, things like these that are completely meaningless to a Pisces, who prefers being "ruled" because this way, (s)he doesn't have to make decisions (something that this native hates). So, there is no problem in this regard - unless you are a Pisces with a strong ascendant in a zodiac sign with dominating tendencies (such as Fire zodiac signs).

You'll surely like Libra's gentleness and refinement; Air signs have a special way of winning over the people around them. If you have a difference of opinion, remember that Libra is the sign of diplomacy par excellence and (s)he won't hurt your feelings. On the other hand, Libra will seldom give up until (s)he finds reasonable arguments and (s)he won't do it unless you bring some strong arguments (meaning that "this is what I feel will happen" kind of argument don't work for him/her).

Fortunately, Libra is an excellent lover - we're talking about Venus, aren't we? -, and the physical relationship could become a paradise of sensations with a Pisces, who is dominated by the imaginative Neptune. But I have to warn you again: because love is so emotional to you, Pisces, you'll have to try to temperate your Libra, otherwise you'll feel like running away pretty soon.

Both Pisces and Libra tend to be a little non-conformist and this will help you communicate at a more subtle level. Pisces needs much attention and care, and this sometimes becomes tiresome to a Libra.

In conclusion, if you are able to adjust to Libra's lifestyle and be as diplomat as (s)he is, there is a good chance. Remember that Water takes the shape of the pot it is held in. So you can become whatever you want, especially if we consider the special acting talent every Fish is endowed with. But Water gets tired quickly and Pisces will want to be him/herself at one point.

So, is it possible? If Water is strong-willed, if Air can be convinced to stand still... It is worth trying.

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