Pisces and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Water and Fire... Very, very difficult.

Sagittarius is very straightforward, and Pisces is very tactful. The first thing that doesn't work... at all. Sagittarius could often be so straightforward and exact that (s)he can even hurt you. And if you ask him/her what's the reason for which (s)he says such things, (s)he'll simply answer: "Because you asked me! Why did you ask me then?". Many arguments that can end the relationship.

What will attract you to a Sagittarius will probably be his/her passion for education, for learning, and his/her inclination towards philosophical discussions. But Sagittarius' lack of diplomacy will make you frown more often than you'd like to, and finally ask yourself if you belong next to him/her...

Sagittarius likes traveling, and you worry much, doubt very often and find it hard to make decisions. Sagittarius won't appreciate that, because (s)he is optimistic and confident, and (s)he always hits the road with no fear and no delay... Precisely these often departures will run your energy dry, because you'll be by yourself too much time - unless you decide to follow your Sagittarius, at all risks.

Sagittarius' criticism is another characteristic that can annoy, irritate and baffle you, dear Pisces.

Many Sagittarius natives are also sporting or at least like exercising - something that doesn't even cross a Pisces' mind, who prefers watching a movie, day-dreaming or simply relaxing, but not by doing sport. Maybe (s)he'll convince you to do a little more gymnastics or maybe you'll convince him/her to go swimming together. But it requires strong will from both of you. A Pisces' resources can run out because of too much agitation and too fast paces.

Sexually, Sagittarius is playful and funny, (s)he makes love as if (s)he did sport, but (s)he lacks any emotional intensity a Pisces longs for so much. If you determine your Sagittarius to refrain from jokes like "Is it my impression or have you been putting on some weight?" while you are making love, maybe you'll be able to continue your relationship with him/her. Anyway, in a relationship with a Sagittarius, be prepared for truths told bluntly, with no reserve.

Sagittarius is known as the sign of bachelors/spinsters... just for you to be warned! To him/her, freedom is above all. (S)He has a strong need to be free, (s)he can't stand accounting for anything. And next to a Pisces ready to become possessive and assert his/her sacrifice anytime, the relationship might be in danger. In fact, that's why the Sagittarius is the bachelor's sign: because (s)he is afraid of getting involved in a relationship which would mean accounting for his/her actions, having an extra concern... Sagittarius is often quite faithful, especially if you let him/her convince him/herself that (s)he has to be loyal.

Both Pisces and Sagittarius are mutable signs, therefore flexible, which might be an advantage if you really want to try your chances with a Sagittarius. Remember that Sagittarius accepts no constraints: (s)he runs like hell when (s)he hears of them.

Therefore, can it work? With hard, hard work, all the altruism and understanding a Pisces can show and with great efforts from both of you in order to get along.

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