Sagittarius and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Sagittarius and Aquarius: a quite interesting combination!

Sagittarius is interested in his/her personal freedom and in the permanent adventure of life; Aquarius is interested in the welfare of the human kind and in the freedom of the human being in general.

If Sagittarius and Aquarius meet on these positions, the planet and the human kind will have a safe future, because it will make both of them so fervent that few minds will have such moments of foreseeing and intellectual prophecy.

The erotic attraction between Sagittarius and Aquarius will stimulate them mentally first of all, and the major fuel of their relationship will be the great human causes or the future of mankind at a planetary scale. This is why talking about the relationship between a Sagittarius and an Aquarius is like reading an encyclopedia on the history of the world's evolution - you have to mention the aliens for it to be complete.

Provocative and interesting, sincere and communicative, Sagittarius and Aquarius make a dynamic, popular, inventive couple, of mutual cooperation and complementarity.

Each of them can support the other's evolution. Common interests and similar visions on love allow them to become a lasting couple, especially if there is a creative goal. This will be the "compass showing them the North", offering them a relationship based on a reassuring freedom.

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