Sagittarius and Aries Love Compatibility

Sagittarius and Aries? Fire and Fire? Do you, by any chance, feel like you were in a tournament?

Sagittarius sees things from a higher level, (s)he likes exploring and for this reason, an Aries will always help him/her start wonderful things.

It's a kind of love at first sight in which two sparks meet and dream, in a second, of a completely different future.

There is a fascinating energy here that could take you out of time and could lead you to a special incandescence, emotionally or mentally - not as overwhelming as a Leo's, but explosive enough, tending to burn down very quickly though!

So be careful about this Fire that could make everything burn in a minute if it is not properly directed!

We can talk about the ideal combination because both Sagittarius and Aries are spontaneous, extrovert people. They are even at risk of manifesting too "passionately" at the same time. If this aspect is taken into consideration, controlled and put behind, the love they share has the chance (Jupiter) of changing them (Mars) very deeply.

Sagittarius doesn't like long term arrangements though, and Aries can't accept being somewhere else than in the centre of the other's affection or life.

The focus on the importance of one's own person can take Sagittarius and Aries in the middle of the arena, changing the relationship into an emotional competition, a dog eat dog one, the two becoming one single flame and ending the competition this way.

This is why it is better for Sagittarius and Aries to avoid the same place of work. The pleasure of being a couple can be altered by the desire for power at any time.

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