Sagittarius and Taurus Love Compatibility

Sagittarius and Taurus? Fire and Earth? My God, what an adventure and what luxury! On the other hand, what a change!

A Taurus native likes living in comfort, having all (s)he needs and enjoying life while a Sagittarius native likes taking risks to feel the excitement to the full.

It's true that Sagittarius would like moving around a little while Taurus would appreciate a cozy, protective place after wandering for a long time. Especially when she is a Sagittarius and he is a Taurus! A sort of long-distance faithfulness appears and, paradoxically, it always brings fresh air to the relationship.

If he is a Sagittarius and she is a Taurus, we can live story times around this couple, times in which the man was the explorer that left on a journey, like in a fairy tale of initiation, and the woman was a kind of "mater familiae", setting undying values during his absence.

Times change, though, and these two signs that seem not to have anything in common support each other very well. After all, they are governed by Venus and Jupiter! The former brings welfare (Venus in Taurus - the Great Mother Goddess), and the latter brings protection (Jupiter in Sagittarius - the spiritual guide and the therapist).

The solution is for Taurus to give up his/her possessive attachments and for Sagittarius to have a grain of measure regarding his/her own freedom, precisely in order to enjoy their passionate nature that knows no inhibitions. That makes both of them very creative and we'll often find this kind of combination in couples consisting of artists; but we can also find it in the world of bank business - hence, maybe, the tendency towards luxury and adventure. Artists remain more adventurous while bankers don't avoid any financial extravagancy.

Still, a Fire-Earth relationship is a deeply chemic one, especially the one between a Sagittarius and a Taurus, when the Earth sign is Fixed (tending to accumulate), and the Fire sign is Mutable (tending to disperse, to eliminate any excess and stagnation).

In a pure and beautiful love, the Sagittarius-Taurus couple is capable of separating the subtle from the harsh and to give a special spiritual direction of their life together.

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