Sagittarius and Virgo Love Compatibility

Sagittarius and Virgo! Two signs that can heal each other!

A very interesting, exciting but risky combination. Fire can burn away the drainage of the Earth and Earth can diminish the flames of a possible Fire. Both Sagittarius and Virgo are mental signs in the true sense of the word and they also have a common tendency towards the religious aspects of life.

But Virgo can often suffer because of Sagittarius' lack of responsibility when it comes to lasting feelings while Sagittarius can hardly stand Virgo's spirit of sacrifice and unconditioned commitment to sometimes lost causes.

Sagittarius sees things from his/her Olympian height while Virgo suffers because of the misery of life right from its roots. Sagittarius is a well-known extravagant, and Virgo is economical and tidy.

Do you think a Sagittarius-Virgo couple has chances to succeed?

It surely has, because they both dream of a much better human cause secretly: Virgo wants everybody to be equal professionally and materially, and Sagittarius wants a forgiving and unique God for all, whose missionary (s)he would be forever.

Starting from the cause of human condition, Sagittarius automatically feels (s)he owes some protection to the worried Virgo that sincerely adores his/her optimism.

Conversation is their remedy par excellence: endowed with the ability of being "heart doctors" that heal by words, conversation proves to be useful for themselves first of all, and for the others only afterwards.

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