Scorpio and Cancer Love Compatibility

Scorpio and Cancer. Water and Water. Sometimes it works so well you can hardly believe it. But sometimes, nothing good happens. Theoretically, stars say yes, yes, and yes again. Practically, not all Crabs are alike. As for the Scorpios...

Water natives are the most emotive, affective and sentimental of all the zodiac. That's why a combination between such natives is, in most cases, a magical union, as if meant to last. Because positive sides are often exaggerated, you might think that any relationship between two Water signs HAS to last, which is not quite true. And since you are the most fervent of all Water signs, astrological clichΓ©s don't fit you very well.

Cancer is, indeed, in most cases, the ideal partner for Scorpio. Cancer's feelings are strong, just like yours, his/her need to be understood equals yours, and the spiritual warmth (s)he has to offer can make you think you've reached Heaven. On the other hand, your strong and confident personality offers this unstable and insecure native precisely the safety and support Cancer needs to be him/herself. A Cancer can be extremely affective, devoted and generous when (s)he feels safe, when his/her home is protected and (s)he is surrounded by your love and passion.

Cancer is very attached to his/her home, so you'll spend much time here. Cancer wants a family, and Scorpio is the symbol of procreation, so you complete each other excellently. Cancer is economical and makes long-term investments, so you won't be short of anything next to a Cancer (in theory, at least). Even if your Cancer cannot offer you luxury, (s)he'll always try to make you be in easy circumstances.

Now, that we have enumerated the magical ties between Water natives, let's think straight a little. Once again, not all Crabs are alike: the differences can be amazing. If you want an example, think of Price Charles, a Scorpio like you, that eventually abandoned a Cancer (Diana) for another one (Camilla)!

Moreover, not all Scorpios are the same. Besides, you aren't the most comfortable native in the world, you are demanding and rather intolerant. Scorpio's natural tendency is to be taciturn and introvert, which gives him/her that wonderful mysterious aura, but makes communication more difficult. Cancer is also introvert.

The Crab's famous shell is very hard to remove, especially since (s)he doesn't let his/her discontents or frustrations out, because (s)he wants to see how much you insist on it. This is a measure for the love you have for him/her: the more you love him/her - (s)he says -, the more you'll insist on finding out what happened.

And Cancer is also a very capricious native so (s)he'll often drive you to despair (Cancer is governed by the Moon, the only heavenly body changing its position to the Earth on a daily basis, so Cancer's moods actually change from one hour and from one day to another).

Cancer is capricious and choiceful. It's not easy to find out what (s)he wants and why (s)he got upset out of the blue ("because you didn't even try to guess what I wanted to eat / where I wanted to go today" - here's a good reason for him/her). Although you are very good at opening shells and things like this, Cancer is more difficult than you have ever imagined. You got him/her open up in front of you and everything was ok, but after two days (s)he went back in... And as you are taciturn by nature, it's possible that each of you stays at home, being upset and waiting for the other one to call.

Besides that, Cancer's jealousy almost equals yours, but, unlike you, (s)he doesn't scream or stamp to his/her foot: (s)he just looks sour and expects you to understand. And if you don't understand right away, you're in trouble: your Crab ll be miffed because you don't understand him/her ("couldn't you have realized without me telling you?"). And so on and so forth.

Sexually? Intense passions characterize you both, so it won't be just sex, it will be a unique experience, whether you understand each other from other points of view or not. Far from being an ephemeral experience, the physical love between Scorpio and Cancer will certainly be a lifetime memory.

So, is it worth it? As any combination between a Scorpio and a Water sign: 99% yes. As for the remaining 1%, learn the phases of the Moon by heart, so that you know in advance when your Cancer loses his/her temper. I mean it. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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