Scorpio and Leo Love Compatibility

Scorpio and Leo: Water and Fire. Drama, intensity, a relationship of extremes. It can last, but it can also blow in your face, so be very careful.

In fact, there are as many pro arguments as there are against. The initial attraction, just like between any complementary elements, is very big. Especially the physical one. The intensity of feelings and the sexual relationship are two advantages that could almost help you have a happy relationship.

But both you and Leo strongly need to dominate, to control, to be the boss. And in this competition, Leo is at an advantage because (s)he roars louder (this is not a metaphor, Leo is, indeed, a master of speech, and when (s)he gets upset, (s)he becomes frightening). If you want an example, take a look at the front page of the newspapers issued several years ago and try to observe the relationship between the Great Lion Bill and the Scorpio Hillary Clinton. Neither of them gives up, neither of them yields an inch.

Leo has a great quality which often becomes his/her biggest defect: his/her EGO, which gives Leo a kind, generous heart, but also makes him/her possessive, dominant, cruel, theatrical (even VERY theatrical; "scenes" and slammed doors, final declarations are common things with a Leo).

Although it can work very well (you both like this kind of dramatic life, lived intensely, exhausting to most people), your relationship will stumble very often at this point, of domination. Besides that, Leo needs to know (s)he is always admired, worshiped, loved (honestly, not otherwise), while you are way too proud to offer him/her this. After all, who worships YOU? On account of the same need for adoration, Leo is not very faithful. And since you are one of the most jealous sun signs, it doesn't look too good.

If you really love your Leo, you'll have to show it to him/her. Permanently, constantly and always passionately. Don't try to flatter him/her, because, although Leo likes being praised, (s)he knows when someone isn't sincere. It's a gift (s)he has. But it's true a Leo will fall for sentences like: "you look so nice today, that thing looks very good on you", "you managed it so well, I didn't think someone would actually be able to do such a thing", "what an idea, you are truly a genius... can you give me some money to buy that thing today?".

Leo is simply overwhelmed when you praise him/her, especially if you are precise and sincere. And with his/her generous heart, Leo will satisfy any wish you have, without even asking what it is about. All you have to know is the way to start a sentence (three-five praises followed by the "request").

There is also the problem of domination. As anyone knows, Scorpio is the master of manipulation and schemes, tricks and pull stringing so you shouldn't have problems, on the condition that you accept this simple advice: Leo has to have the illusion that (s)he is the boss. Officially, Leo is the one in charge of everything. We know better, and Leo is not difficult to manipulate, unless you want the official power. Accept the role of the king or queen that rules from the shadow, and everything will be all right (well, there will still be scenes, but you like them).

Sexually, it's a wonderful relationship. Leo is the specialist of the zodiac when it comes to heartbreaking. That's what you have always wanted, haven't you? Someone to love you intensely, passionately, completely. Well, Leo can offer you all this (in exchange for your adoration, of course).

Since Leo doesn't do anything at a low scale, (s)he will do the same in bed. Leo is a very passionate and imaginative native, so you'll surely not get bored. And in time, (s)he'll become even more patient. It's the kind of relationship that starts intensely and slowly cools down.

In conclusion, is it worth it? The warning is very clear: you both have VERY strong personalities, which will often collide. But, on the other hand, Leo can offer you everything you have been dreaming of.

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